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35mm Thick Polyurethane Wall Sandwich Panel for cold room

Polyurethane sandwich wall panels in 35mm is our newly developed products,which is to offer economical PU sandwich panels for customers’ choice.Polyurethane foam sandwich panels will be main trend in steel panels area.
Color:As per RAL
  • 920-1120

  • Yumi steel

  • 72104900

1. PUR wall panels overview:

PU sandwich wall panels in 35mm is what we newly developed for economical choices,and also the most import thing is to offer more panel thickness choices for customers.Panel in 35mm,you could see it’s seamless joint way,which could maximally to ensure insulation and sound insulation for buildings,and to make up for defects in thickness.


Product name

35mm thick PU wall sandwich panels


Only wall type

Effective width

1000 mm

Panel thickness

35 mm

Other thickness for wall:
40, 50, 60, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250mm

Steel thickness

0.40 - 0.70 mm

Regular panel color

White grey, Sea blue, Sliver grey, Dk grey, Iron grey

You could ask for color swatches for reference;
Color could be customized also.

Coating type choice

PE/ PVDF/  HDP/ SMP, etc.

Container loading quantity reference

20FT: 754 M2

Based on 5.8meter length

40FT: 1675.6 M2

Based on 11.8meter length

U value

0.55 W/m2·K

2. PU insulated panel application:

PU wall sandwich panels in 35mm thickness,it could be used as wall panels of container houses,defense shelters,storage room,poultry house,animal farms,etc.

3. Wall panel span data tables:

Panel thickness

Steel sheet thickness

Panel weight

Support spacing(m)

Single span

Multiple span









Max load capacity kg/m²



8.02 kg/m2









9.69 kg/m2









11.36 kg/m2









4. Insulated panel material instruction:

1) Suface sheet:

Usually the surface sheet of PUR or PIR sandwich panels is PPGI or PPGL steel color coated sheets.PPGI is prepainted galvanized coated steel and PPGL is prepainted Al-Zn coated steel.For coating type,you could choose PE, PVDF, HDP, SMP,ect.Our strategic cooperation brands are Bluescope, Bao-steel, Shougang steel, Guanzhou steel, Yieh Phui steel,Xinyu steel,etc.

2) Polyurethane core material:

Our polyurethane core material strategic cooperation brands are D·BASF, Huntsman, WANHUA, etc.

5. Advantages of PUR sandwich panels:

1) Excellent fire performance:

It has passed the test of Italy's authoritative testing agency GIORDANO S.P.A. It meets the requirements of the fire protection standards M.I. 14/09/61 letter 91 and D.M. 30/11/83 in accordance with the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), British BS, and German DIN.

2) Good thermal insulation:

The maximum heat resistant temperature is 120 ℃ and thermal conductivity is 0.022(W/m·k).

3) Excellent waterproof function:

The hard cell closed cell rate is 90%, and the self-skin closed cell rate is 100%. Especially in the case of overall foaming, all the gaps can be blocked, and the airtightness is very good.

4) Environmental freindly:

Polyurethane is fluorine-free foaming, which guarantees its green environmental protection.

5) Stable size&High strength:

Fluorine-free foaming, uniform cell, high strength, ensuring stable overall layout.

6. Site Installation notes:

1. Before installing polyurethane wall panel and ceiling panel, check the material, type, size, performance and core material of the sandwich panel to check whether it meets the design requirements. When necessary, test the sample's properties (fire resistance, safety) without toxicity, bending strength and other properties;

2. Prior to installation, inspection and acceptance of PUR wall panel and ceiling panel shall be conducted for the concealed works on the ceiling and wall, and qualified requirements can be met before the construction of the wall panel and roof panel;

3,PU ceiling panel and wall panel in the installation of efficient filter air outlet smoke components, lamps and lanterns, thermal, speakers, door, window, tube through plate, around the hole to smooth, tight, clean, do not produce dust, gap seal with non-combustible material;.The perimeter of the inspection port is also well sealed;

4. The connection between ceiling and wall metal sandwich panels should be uniform and even. The clearance error of the joint shall not be greater than 0.5 mm. Seal pieces shall be sealed uniformly with sealant. The seals shall be smooth and smooth, slightly below deck.

5,Wall steel sandwich panel installation should be vertical, and sandwich panel roof installation should be level, board face level off, the position is correct, metope and floor, walls and roof, walls and walls intersect, top, top should have reasonable structure, ensure the sealing, prevent the CR. Play ball with rounded corners;

6. The vertical degree of panel installation is less than 1.5mm, the surface flatness is less than 1.5mm, and the height difference between plate and plate is less than 1mm;

7. After installing panels, should be protected, prevent collision damage board surface;

8. The surface of sandwich panels shall be smooth, smooth and consistent in color. The protective film on the surface of the plate shall be in good condition and shall be removed before delivery.

7. FAQ:

1) What’s the application of polyurethane foam sandwich panels?

As an excellent new type of panels, it not only looks beautiful and colorful, but also has good bearing capacity, heat preservation and water resistance. Mainly used in production workshops, offices, attics, decorative building materials, mobile home, office buildings, members, cold storage, supermarkets, gymnasiums, warehouses, building sandwiches, thermal insulation, fire prevention, sound insulation and other clean plants.

2) What’s your packing standards for sandwich panels?

All our polyurethane steel panels are with PVC film on panel surface,to protect the coating,then we will consider the thickness and weight,and pack them in resonable quantity as per bundles.Finally using foam and PVC film again to protect the panel bundles.

For more questions,please feel free to contact us by email address:admin@yumisteel.com.Thank you.


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