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50mm Cold Room PU Polyurethane Sandwich Panels for Wall

PU sandwich panels have PIR sandwich panels and PUR sandwich panels,it’s B1 and B2 level different fireproof level.PIR panels and PUR coolroom panels are widely used in cold room,freezer room,and refrigeration unit,etc.
Panel color:As per RAL.
  • 920-1120
  • Yumi steel
  • 72104900

50mm Cold room PU polyurethane sandwich panels for wall

1,Sandwich panel type instruction:

1) Tongue and groove overlapping joint:


Panel effective width:

920~1120 mm

Steel sheet thickness:

0.40 ~ 0.70 mm

Panel thickness:

50 mm

PU density:

38 ~ 42 KG/M³

Regular color:

White grey, Sea blue, White sliver grey

Special color:

As per RAL or customized

Coating advice:


Length limitation:

Max 5.9m for 20FT;

Max 11.9m for 40FT.

Main application:

Cold room,food factory,cool room,freezer room,etc.

2) Z lock joint(Hidden screws type):


Comparing to the overlapping joint,this one is usually used for logistic centers, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, slaughter factory, agricultural buildings,etc.The panel could be installed in horizontal and vertical direction.

3) Z lock joint with decoration seam(Hidden screws type):



This polyurethane wall sandwich panel are mainly used as curtain wall for office buildings,industrial buildings,or some modern buildings.The panel only can be horizontal installation.


2,Sandwich panel ribs type for choices:



There are 4 types of panel surface profiled for your choices.Trapeze, Micro profiling, V-shaped trapeze, Smooth profile. 

1) Trapeze,is also called wide ribs,or linear,the actual image picture is as follows:


2) Micro profiling is also called micro ribs,or corrugated ribs,the image picture is showing as follows:


3) V-shaped trapeze is also known as V wide ribs,or grooved ribs,the actual photos is as below:


4) Smooth profile is know as pure flat,or no profiling,too.You can find reference picture as follows:


3, Material instruction:

1) Steel sheets on surface:

09 Polyurethane cold room panels pricelist 

We are cooperating with Bluescope, Bao steel,Shougang group,Guanzhou steel,and Yiehphui steel.All these steel brand are top brand in China,which can make sure you can have good quality sandwich panels.Normally steel standards are China GB Q235,Q345,Q355.Other special steel standards,please indicated,when making inquiry.

2) PIR,PUR for core material:

10 PUR sandwich panels wholesale factory 

We are cooperating with D.Basf, Huntsman,Wanhua for PIR,PUR material.


4, Panel advantages:


It has excellent thermal insulation.The thermal insulation coefficient of polyurethane sandwich panels is 0.022 W/m.K.

If coating type is selected properly,according to local weather,the PIR panels can have excellent protection against weather conditions.

The joint of cold room panels is with excellent tightness,because it’s seamless with polyurethane sealing together.

☆The cold room panels can be installed quickly;

Wide range of panel colors for choices,the PUR panels can be used widely for various profile types of claddings.


5, Table of panel properties :

☆ Theoretical weight:

PIR / PUR sandwich panels Theoretical weight

Panel type

Steel thickness

PIR / PUR density

Panel weight/M²

50mm Wall sandwich panels

0.40 mm

40 KG/M³


0.50 mm


0.60 mm


0.70 mm


Remark:For other thickness,please contact us for details,thank you.

☆ Loading quantities:

PIR / PUR sandwich panels Loading quantities

Panel type

Panel width

Container size

Loading Length

Loading panels

Loading QTY/m²

50mm Wall sandwich panels

1000 mm



100 PCs




100 PCs


930 mm



100 PCs




100 PCs


1120 mm



100 PCs




100 PCs


Remark:For other thickness,please contact us for details,thank you.

Leakproof data:

PIR / PUR sandwich panels Leakproof

Air permeability:pressure

n = 0.8388, c=0.0116

Air permeability:suction

n = 1.1072, c=0.0074

Blowing rain resistance

A level- absolute leakproofness at 1200 Pa

6, Panel packages :

All our sandwich panels are packed in bundles,according to container height,so it’s around 1 - 1.2 meters height for each bundles.And each bundles have sealing end to protect the panels end.If customers have container unloading questions,please feel free to discuss with us,we will do our best to put forward one container unloading solution for you.

7, Our service & support :


Installation instructions:

We can have installation instructions to be offered for each different projects,as per customers’ requirement.

☆ Technical support:

If customers have special requirement for on-site guide,we can also have our people to go to customers’ project site to support your installation.Please contact our salesman to discuss with this support.

☆ Unloading instructions:

If you have container unloading questions,please feel free to discuss with our team,we will do our best to put forward one container unloading solution for you.

☆ Full set of technical information:

When you have technical information need to be offered for related projects,please contact our salesman,and clarify what you need,and we will have our engineers to offer related information to you.


Yumi steel will do our best to support your projects with professional attitudes and excellent service spirit.

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