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50mm Fireproof NF EPS Sanwich Wall Panels

NF EPS wall sandwich panels is manufactured with external steel sheets on both sides and expanded NF polystyrene as core material,which is also called propor EPS sandwich panels.This kind of insulated panels are with good fireproof function.
  • 950/1150

  • Yumi steel

  • 72104900

1. Panel general introduction:


50mm fireproof NF EPS sanwich wall panels

Steel sheet thickness:


Steel type:

PPGL, PPGI steel / Aluminum sheet / Stainless steel sheets

Core material thickness:


Core material density:


Effective width:

950mm or 1150mm

Regular color:

White grey, Sea blue, Sliver grey, Dk grey, Iron grey

Special color:

Could be customized, but better to offer RAL color swatches


For 20FT containe, ≤ 5.9 meters;

For 40FT container, ≤ 11.9 meters;

Fire resistant level:


Installation accessories:

Aluminum U channels,self screws, flashings, etc.

NF EPS steel wall sandwich panels are combined with steel sheets and expanded NF polystyrene.This kind of sandwich panels were originally from South Korea. The basic principle is to use the particle fire barrier technology. The copolymer modification is used to make the EPS monomer particles have the same characteristics as the fireproof material, and the micro phase conforming technology is used to form the fireproof separator on the surface of each organic particle. So that each particle forms a relatively independent organic particle fire protection unit.

2. Panel Advantages:

1) Excellent fire performance:

● Achieve A grade fire resistant level, this product has passed the non-combustible level test of insulation materials;

● The principle of particle fireproof isolation bin is used to realize fire retardant effect;

● The production adopts the thermosetting molding process, and the product has the performance of burning the thermosetting material. After the product is burned, it is carbonized without dripping, which can avoid the generation of pool fire and secondary combustion;

2) Efficient insulation performance:

● The thermal conductivity of sandwich panel is 0.032-0.036, and the thermal insulation performance is obviously superior to other A-grade fireproof thermal insulation materials.

3) Green energy saving and environmental protection:

● The product itself does not contain toxic substances.Brominated flame retardants will be banned in the next two years. At present, Europe has begun to ban. This product has got rid of the is understanding of increasing the amount of brominated flame retardants to improve the flame retardant performance. The flame retardant effect is achieved by adding an inorganic filler to modify the expandable polystyrene;

● The products are environmentally friendly, no harmful substances are volatilized, no decomposition and no mildew, the product burns low smoke, and does not produce toxic and polluting environmental gases;

● Product production process is low energy consumption, no pollution;

● Product is recycling.

4) Good ventilation

5) Product application cost-effective

3. Panel applications:

NF EPS insulated sandwich panels could offer a complete usage for commercial residential, agricultural and USDA food grade buildings,and all the designs could meet up customers individual needs.

4. Panel fire level description:

NF EPS is actually meaning Nonflammable (Fireproof) expanded polystyrene,which has excellent thermal insulation performance, fire prevention performance of A, B1-class non-combustible.

The principle of NF EPS fire retardant is polymer technology,which is not as simple as just adding flame retardant material into EPS board, it makes the thermoplastic EPS into thermosetting EPS,maybe we should call it thermosetting modified technology.

5. Delivery information:

1) Max length for wall or roof panel: 11.9 m Longer panels available on 40FT container and 5.9 m long panels available on 20FT container;

2) Min. standard length roof and wall panel is 2 m;

3) All sandwich panels are supplied with an PVC film seal on the surface sheets;

4) Panel loading quantity reference:

Container type

Max Length(M)

Loading quantity(M)

Loading quantity(M²)

Panel type





















Note:1,This calculation is based on max length;
    2,We could also accept other special container type,like 45HQ;
    3,This is the loading quantity reference for 50mm wall sandwich               panels.

6. Aluminum profile accessories for wall panels:

Here we introduce some main types of aluminum profiles for wall sandwich panels.Please check the list as follows,thank you.

Aluminum profiles for common type buildings:

Product pic


U channel

Outer cylinder

Tee joints

 Arc aluminum

Aluminum profile for corner

Aluminium profiles for Corner

Aluminum profiles for clean room:

7. FAQ about NF fireproof sandwich panels:

1) What’s NF EPS sandwich panels?

NF EPS sandwich panels is one kind of structural insulated sandwich panels,which is combined metal sheets with Nonflammable EPS core material.It could be widely used in different kinds of buildings,such as office buildings, steel warehouses, food storage room, etc.

2) What’s the difference between EPS and NF EPS sandwich panels?

The main difference is the core material.EPS is expanded polystyrene,which is with fire resistant material and makes it could be fire resistant core material,the fire resistant level is B1.And NF EPS is Nonflammable (Fireproof) expanded polystyrene,and fireproof level is A.


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