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50mm Lightweight Expanded Polystyrene Sandwich Panel for Wall

This kind of sandwich panels are widely used in steel construction area.We manufactured EPS insulated panels since 1993,we also have CE,SGS,ISO certificate for EPS sandwich panels,to ensure product quality.
  • 950/1150

  • Yumi steel

  • 72104900

1. The components of EPS sandwich panels:

The main component parts of EPS steel sandwich panels are including double-sided steel sheets to ensure external surface protection and heat insulation core material.Steel sheets could be in any color to meet up customers’ requirement,Yumi sandwich panels are mainly cooperating with Bao-steel,Guanzhou steel,Yieh steel brand to ensure the steel sheet quality.If you have any other steel brand requirement,we could also follow your request.EPS sandwich panels have wall and roof type,which is lightweight and economical for your budget.

2. EPS insulated panel application:

1) Prefabricated buildings/Container houses;

2) Supermarkets;

3) Defense shelters;

4) Industrial buildings/Warehouse/Factories;

5) Poultry house or Animal Farm;

6) Replacement for Old Roofing.

3. Panel Specs description:

Product name:

EPS sandwich panels

Steel sheet description:

2,Steel band:Bao-steel/Guanzhou steel/Yeih steel,etc;
3,Top coating:20-25μm,bottom coating:7-10μm
4,Coating type:PE/PVDF/SMP,etc.
5,Steel material choice:PPGI/PPGL


Other thickness for wall:

25, 75, 100, 150, 200mm

Other thickness for roof:

75, 100, 150, 200mm



Effective width:

950/1150mm for wall;950/960mm for roof.

Regular color:

White grey/Sea blue/DK grey

Special color:

As per RAL swatches or customized


According to container size,we advise max 5800mm for 20FT container,and 11800mm for 40FT container.

Fire resistant level:

B1 level,according to GB/T 23932-2009

Installation accessories:

U channels,self screws,expanded bolts,etc.

4. Panel guarantee period:

Our EPS sandwich panels guarantee covering the strutural and thermal performance for a period of up to 15years and coating performance for a period of up to 20years (subject to project specific information).Our coating choice:PE, PVDF, HDP, SMP coating,etc.If the weather condition in your area is special,please let us know,our engineer team will check and advise the coating type for your project.

5. Product tolerance:

Cut to length


Cover width




End square


6. Container loading quantity reference:

Container type

Panel type

Max Length(M)

Loading quantity(M)

Loading quantity(M²)


Wall panel





Wall panel





Roof panel





Roof panel




Note:1,This calculation is based on max length;
    2,We could also accept other special container type,like 45HQ;
    3,This is the loading quantity reference for 50mm thick sandwich panels.

7. Panel site installation general instruction:

1) Site assembly instructions are available from our engineer team,we have related technical services;

2) Ensure that the support structure (column, beam, pedestal) is properly installed,in order to ensure proper alignment of wall and roof panels;

3) The first insulated panel usually starts from the roof or corner. In separate cases, the project may require different installation solutions. Before fixing the panels, ensure that they are properly supported and the right edges (male joints) are upwards, and the panels and surfaces are properly installed;

4) The recommended EPS panel fixing is the panel with minimum distance to the edge.The metal fragments were removed from the drill hole.To ensure tight and waterproof connections, the recommended fixing elements should be 90 degrees to the surface of the panel;

5) Make sure the surface of insulation panels is clean and dry before applying the sealant on the surface.The sealant should be smeared evenly, and the sealant should not be interrupted;

6) Use good tooth jigsaw or carbide circular saw to cut the panel. It is forbidden to use heating surface cutting tools, such as abrasive discs. After completing the panel cutting, remove any metal fragments from the incision immediately;

7) To prevent air and steam circulation, the panel joints must be tight;

8) If the object (shelf, lamp, etc.) is fixed on expanded polystyrene sandwich panel, the sealant must be treated with sealant;

9) The joints between columns and composited panels must be treated with sealant;

10) In order to prevent rainwater from entering the joint of sandwich panel,the contact between the cover plate and the surface of the panel should be treated with sealant;

11) During installation, rainproof protection at the tail end of the sandwich panel should be ensured;

12) During the installation process, the workers move along the roof sandwich plate to ensure the wooden deck along the installation. During installation and maintenance, only one worker should be in the span of a sandwich panel.

Workers can only move along the surface of the sandwich panel on soft shoes.

8. Inquiry:

Any new inquiry,please kindly help filled in the following form and send us e-mail to admin@yumisteel.com .We will reply you as soon as we find your e-mail,thank you.

Panel name:

Panel type:
(Wall or Roof)

Steel sheet thickness:

EPS thickness:

EPS Density:

Effective width:
(950/1150mm for wall;950/960mm for roof)

Regular color:
(White grey/Sea blue/DK grey)

Special color:
(As per RAL swatches or customized)

Order quantity(M/M²):


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