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America Tradecraft Industries-co working space container building

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Tradecraft Industries is headquartered in a newly constructed 19,000 square foot industrial space with 20 private offices and more than 200 flexible co-working memberships, suitable for small and emerging construction companies and design companies.





The goal of the project is to create a collaborative environment that provides contractors and designers with a place for organic growth and mutual support. Conceptually, Tradecraft Industries is designed around a multi-purpose concept. By selecting building components, systems and materials for multiple uses, the concept can achieve cost and labor efficiency while providing flexibility and simplified structure. The layering process is designed to maximize multi-purpose components. This process starts with the foundation of the building, which is created by the shipping container, setting the foundation and boundary for the building. These containers are used for storage. Members can enter from the outside of the envelope, the structure of the second floor, a central conference room with views of the Rocky Mountains, and the entrance of the building. Then wrap the base in a pre-designed metal building. Continuous ribbon windows can minimize the structure of lightweight envelopes, provide visibility and allow daylight to enter.

Inner room



Based on the same principle of multiple uses, the economy was chosen, and ready-made materials are used throughout the interior, while creating an overall aesthetic that can demonstrate the construction industry. Polycarbonate paneling is directly connected to the pillars of the interior wall of the office, so that light can be filtered through the office and enter the community bullpen space. OSB sheet is used as an economical, maintenance-free and durable finishing material that can form a dust-removing wall in an office. The central frame-like element divides the entrance area into a member-only bullpen and office space area, which contains all utility functions, including a stacked toilet on two floors, a guarded closet, electrical and IT rooms. By housing all building systems in a central core.

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