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Corrugated Steel Metal Roofing for Exterior Wall

YX15-225-900 is one type of steel claddings,it could be used as both wall and roof claddings or as bottom metal sheets for roofing system.With various color for choices,welcome you to make inquiry about our corrugated steel sheets.
  • YX15-225-900

  • Yumi steel

  • 72104900

1. Product overview:

YX15-225-900 is one type of single-skin steel claddings,which is widely used in a range of buildings,such as warehousing, industrial applications, agricultural and home outbuilding uses.Our steel wall sheets are manufacturered with high quality standards premium pre-coated steel sheets.

Basic product Specs:

Model NO.


Rib height


Rib distance


Modular width


Feeding width

1000 mm

Available width

0.15 - 0.75 mm

Available length

20FT container:  ≤ 5.85m
40FT container: ≤ 11.85m

Coating type

PE, PVDF, HDP, SMP, etc.

2. Material description:

The main material for color coated steel sheets is PPGI ,PPGL steel sheets,it could also be aluminum alloy sheets,as per customers requirement.If you have material requirement,please kindly refer to the following details:

1) Steel type:

2) Material strength request:

3) Coating type requirement:

4) Zinc coating requirement or Alu-zinc coating requirement:

5) Painting requirement:

For material tolerances:

Cut to length: < 3m

+/- 5mm

Cut to length: > 3m

+/- 10mm

Cover width

-0mm / +3mm

End square

-3mm / +3mm

3. Wall sheets Applications:

For construction and infrastructure: industrial roofing and cladding, refrigeration and warehouses, airports, mall atriums, showrooms, ceilings, lighting,etc.

4. Advantages of wall claddings:

● Light weight is meaning convenient handling, lower shipping costs and easier installation;

● Excellent resistance to dents - color steel sheets can withstand the impact of wind-borne objects;

● Design possibility - various grades and strength levels allow designs to meet specific needs;

●  Multi-color selection - rich colors are almost unlimited;

●High quality - In recent years, both steel quality and coating technology has been greatly improved, synergistic effects have produced high performance materials;

● Recoatability - Painted steel color sheets can be repainted to match different decorative changes,and make building more elegant.

5. Color steel sheets transport handling & storage:

1) Before unloading all the wall cladding materials,they must be checked.Please refer to related orders and delivery notes to make sure all the materials are in correct quantities and lengths.If any discrepancies,please record immediately on the proof and notice us by e-mail or calling;

2) We suggest using forklift or telescopic forklift to unload steel sheets. When using fork or driving on uneven ground,please be careful not to wrap or damage the floor.One time only advise to unload one package;

3) When discharging manually, make sure that proper operators wear enough protective clothing, gloves and shoes at hand. Please note that unloading is the responsibility of the customer;

4) If possible, wall claddings are better to be offloaded to the area where they will be used to.In this way,it could reduce the risk of on-site damage;

5) If metal sheets couldnt be used in short time,please dont make the packages in good status,and stack in clean and dry place to avoid water.

6. Installation safety notes for steel claddings:

● The installation of steel wall claddings need to be supervised by trained erectors;

● Use comprehensive care when installing steel sheets;

● The installer of steel wall system is responsible for reading these instructions and make sure the safest way to proceed the work;

● Do not use the wall panel as walking platform.

7. Maintenance for wall panels:

1) Cleaning of color steel sheets: Generally, most of the dust and residue on the surface of the steel plate can be removed with clean water. In theory, it needs to be cleaned at least every six months. In areas with more salt spray and heavy industrial dust, cleaning should be more frequent. For stubborn stains that cannot be washed out, use a weak detergent or a household ammonia solution as follows;

2) Refinishing of color steel wall sheets: If scratches occur during installation and use, it may be necessary to repaint the defective part. Improper or excessively applied paint can damage the entire surface. It is best not to fix the scratches that appear inconspicuous at 6 feet because normal wind erosion can cover them. To repair the paint, it is only necessary to repair the peeled off part of the paint. Before the touch up, use alcohol to remove dirt, paraffin and other contamination.

8. Inquiry notes:

Model Type


Length requirement(m):

Coating type:

Zinc or Al-zinc coating requirement:

Panel color:

Total order quantity:

When you make inquiry,please offer us details as above,thank you.


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