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Good Price High-tensile Steel GI Strips in Coil

GI strips are one kind of raw material to make steel purlins,corrugated steel sheets,etc.With different steel standards,GI steel coils are highly demanded in aerospace, nuclear, medical and other industries.
MOQ:25tons per size.
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High-tensile steel GI strips in coil

1. Product concept:

1) Introduction:

01 GI steel coils China supplier

Galvanized steel is a rolled product of carbon flat steel with zinc coating on the surface. This coating increases the corrosion resistance of steel coils, cutting coils or plates. The most commonly used method for galvanized steel is hot-dip galvanizing.

In hot dip galvanizing process, the basic carbon steel coil is immersed in acid bath to remove molten steel. After cleaning the steel and removing its oxide scale, the steel is continuously immersed in a molten zinc bath to form a metallurgical binder and protective coating. The weight of the coating is controlled. The weight of the coating immediately increases the corrosion resistance of the steel.

Zinc bath in hot dip galvanizing contains trace elements, such as aluminum. The presence of these trace elements optimizes the adhesion of the coatings and increases the ductility of galvanized steel sheets, galvanized coils and galvanized seam coils, making the materials hundreds of products we use every day.

2) Spangle on GI steel:

In the era of steel manufacturing, galvanized steel sheets were used to include large, flower-like zinc crystal patterns on the surface of steel, called "flash." Similar to a huge hexagonal snowflake. Although today's galvanized steel still contains flashes, the galvanized steel produced by modern steel mills has a flash of light that is barely visible to the naked eye. This is called the smallest flash and zero flash galvanized steel.

A common but disappearing misunderstanding for large spot galvanized steel is that it has better corrosion resistance than the minimum spot/zero spot. This is not the case. The minimum spot and zero spot galvanized steel surface is smoother and the spot is smaller, resulting in a better corrosion resistant coating.

3) Zinc coating on galvanized steel coils:

The weight of the galvanized layer of the galvanized steel coil is controlled by the steel mill during the production cycle and varies according to customer requirements and the end use of the product. These coating weights are directly proportional to the expected life of the steel.

Our zinc coating range is from 40 g/m² to 275 g/m²,for more than this zinc coating,we could also make it for you.

4) Steel standards:

ASTM A653m/A924M/A792,China GB standards Q235/345.

2. Product specification:

Thickness range:

0.125mm - 2.50mm


40mm - 1250mm

Inner diameter(Coil ID):

508mm / 610mm

Coil weight

3 - 5 MT

Spangle pattern

Regular spangle
Large spangle

Mass of coating

40g/m² - 275g/m²

Minimum order quantity

20 MT per thickness


Seaworthy packing standards

Delivery time

15 - 20 days

Production standards




JIS G3302

3.  Typical application:

1) External building products

2) Pipeline system

3) HVAC products

4) Twinkle

5) Electrical boxes and other electrical products

6) Roof

7) Door

8) Casement

9) Automobile parts

10) Household electrical appliances

11) Commercial and residential steel frames

12) Parking lot

13) truss plate

14) Metal building pur

15) Any other products that require corrosion resistant materials.

4. Production flow chart:

03 Production flow chart of steel coils

5. Packing & Loading:

02 Packing & Loading for steel coils

Galvanized steel coil packaging is divided into horizontal and vertical packaging. The main difference is that there is a wooden pallet or iron under the vertical package to make the galvanized coil reinforcement in the container stronger. Of course, horizontal packaging is also safe because it will be reinforced in different ways when loading the container. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, the roll packaging is the same.When packing,the following 5 points are very important.

Waterproof paper

The waterproof paper is wrapped around the surface of the galvanized roll. Its main function is to prevent the galvanized volume of moisture, to avoid the vapor into the volume, and thus affect the surface of the hot dip galvanized coil. For example, when the zinc oxide layer is water vapor, it will appear white on the zinc flower, affecting the appearance and use. This layer of waterproofing is necessary.

Galvanized steel layer

This layer is to protect the surface from scratches.

Edge Protection layer

It is made of iron on both sides of the reel. Mainly to protect the edges of galvanized rolls. Importantly, if the edges of the galvanized steel coil are not protected, it may affect deep processing or even damage the machine.


It is used to secure waterproof paper and galvanized iron packaging to prevent the iron from falling out. For galvanized rolls with a width of 1000 to 1500 mm, 8 strips and 4 cross-cuts should be used, and 4 vertical parts. This is the best way to tighten the reel.

★Tags or Marks

The label will stick to each coil on the outside of the package. Including: product name, grade, gross weight, net weight, roll number, mill information, supplier information, etc. Help customers find the right roll according to the packing list.

All our steel coils loading will be well packed and fixed in containers.

6. Contact us:

For contact,please feel free to send by mail or add WhatsApp,in this way,you could save money for International long-distance charges,and we will get back to you soon.

Company name:Xiamen Yumi Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd.

Contact person:Alina,Becky



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