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Is light steel Villa worth to build?

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About light steel villa:


Light steel villa, the main material is by hot dip galvanized steel strip after cold rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel, compared with brick and steel mix room, the gap between light steel has a great advantage.

The advantages of light steel villa:


Light steel is a kind of light construction material, relative to natural disasters, whether typhoon or earthquake, can be based on their own advantages and the resilience of light steel villa resistance, effectively protect people's safety. Even in the face of strong earthquakes or inevitable natural disasters, the weight of light steel villa is light, compared with brick, steel is also a lot of safety.

Light steel villa can use relatively small space to design a fashionable simple and elegant program, but the construction of brick and concrete house covers a large area, and without design, simple and simple, and traditional rural housing style is the same, not beautiful.

Light steel villa of strong corrosion resistance, the main material of light steel keel service life up to 240 years. It also produces a home that will last at least 90 years, is very durable, comfortable and safe, and is definitely worth building!

Structure and material selection of light steel structure system:

Load-bearing system: galvanized light steel keel. Light steel keel section shape of the general selection of C - type channel steel and C - type keel. The thickness of galvanized steel plate as load-bearing keel is generally 1.0-1.2mm.

the plate used in light steel structure housing

Waterproof and anticorrosive particleboard is widely used for structural boards, and waterproof plywood can also be used as structural boards. Hutch defends metope but use waterproof plasterboard to wait for waterproof, fireproof plank.

Thermal insulation and sound insulation materials

The thermal insulation materials are mainly glass fiber cotton, and the thermal resistance of thermal insulation materials is generally between R13 and R30. The sound insulation of the wall using glass fiber cotton can achieve better sound insulation effect.

Light steel houses are filled with glass wool between interior and exterior walls and floor joists to prevent air transmission.

The future of light steel structure building:


Light steel structure housing, can realize the transition, field assembly components production mechanization, easy to realize the information management of all structure, can reduce construction waste, reduce the adverse impact of the construction on the environment and improve the quality of construction, material recycling utilization rate is high, accord with the need of construction of ecological civilization, will get more and more used in the future market, It will become an important part of the residential structure system and form significant social and economic benefits.

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