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Modular container home

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Modular container home

In recent years,modular container houses,container offices are widely choosed and built in the world.

And today we would like to introduce Yumi steel prefabricated house building.


That's the project that Yumi steel company now is working with.This project is from China Construction Integrated Building Company.

This modern building is green, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and pollution free. At the same time, this building can also be built instantaneously, insulated, soundproofed and noise-reduced. You can feel that this type of building is both internal and external, ingenuity, modular construction, and integrated dreams.


Now Yumi steel company can take the company's own self-constructed office building as an example, to design, produce, install and construct. We also want to tell you how delicate the building in your hand is.

The new concept of environmentally friendly and economical integrated container house,the exterior wall has various colors for customers' choices.The overall color is simple and fashionable,and it conforms to the current aesthetic.

This kind of project adopts the combination of standard container size plus glass curtain corridor containers,which is an integrated living room in the office,conference room, bathroom, balcony and other areas. 


Here we would like to introduce the material details for you:

The Base frame of container house:

3.5mm thick galvanized cold rolled steel profiles


Material standards:

Q235/345,Meet structural safety design requirements.


Roof material:

Adopting glasswool density ≥16kg/m3, 100mm glass wool felt insulation treatment to achieve thermal insulation and fireproof effect.


Wall material:

Adopting 75mm thick polyurethane wall panel independently developed by Yumi company, the fire rating reaches B1.


Glass curtain wall:

Double-layer tempered hollow Louise glass can reduce heat transfer caused by indoor and outdoor temperature difference, with excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmission.


Balcony & Floor:

25mm thick high quality wood-plastic board, anti-corrosion, durable, economical and environmentally friendly


The integrated modular container houses developed by Yumi steel company is mainly used in:

Dormitory, barracks, office buildings, field rooms, commercial street displays, car camps, community service rooms, creative park rooms, tourist areas, mobile sun swimming pools, offices, military houses, sanatoriums, hospital rooms Mobile kiosks, mobile public toilets, earthquake relief houses, etc., have the following advantages:

1)Short construction period;

2)Competitive price;

3)Any enviroment is suitable for this kind of buildings;

4)It can be in various building shapes;

5)Comfortable and elegant.


Yumi power:
20 Years of experience
6 Companies 2000+Workers
5+Billion RMB of Turover
200+Customers all over the world

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