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New material sandwich panel type

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Polyurethane edge-sealed rock wool sandwich panel rigid foam is currently internationally recognized as the best fireproof and thermal insulation panel for building enclosures. It has low thermal conductivity, good load resistance, high flexural strength, no water absorption, no rot, no insect bites, good flame retardancy, and wide temperature resistance range. Using the physical properties and unique formula of polyurethane (PU.PIR), the polyurethane foaming agent is evenly sprayed on the color-coated steel plate, so that the foaming agent is foamed between the color-coated steel plates into a three-layer disposable polyurethane ( PU.PIR) Color steel composite sandwich panel. This new lightweight building material is a perfect combination of color-coated steel plate and polyurethane, and is the development direction of light building materials.

The new fire-resistant rock wool sandwich panel is made of two-layer high-quality color coated steel plate or other precision profiled metal sheet as the panel. After roll forming, the split rock wool is turned over 90 degrees (make the fiber perpendicular to the The upper and lower two-layer steel plates), through the high-strength, high-cohesive, high-fire-resistant adhesive, the high-quality rock wool and the metal panel are strongly bonded to form a beautiful, flat, and rigid building board. The formed board has excellent fire resistance, heat preservation, environmental protection and other characteristics, providing an excellent choice for industrial building enclosure systems.


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