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Outdoor Steel Downspout for Steel Buildings

Our company introduced HSW new downpipe forming machine in 2016,in order to offer full set of steel products to customers.
Metal downspout can be in steel building color.There is no minimum order quantities,only need to be match other products and make orders,please take note for this.
  • 118*89 mm;153*106 mm
  • Yumi steel
  • 72104900

Outdoor Steel downspout for steel buildings

1.Whats the difference between a metal downspout and PVC downspout?


☆ Comparing with ordinary PVC downpipe, steel downspout won’t have cracks,under thermal expansion and contraction, so it is more durable.

☆ If it’s used with steel structure buildings,steel downpipe can be same color as building appearance.It looks simple and generous,and it’s much more match the steel buildings than PVC downspout.

☆ Various accessories to meet up various installation requirements.


2.Steel downspout:

To have one efficient guttering system is very crucial to buildings.The downspout is used to collect rainwater from roof,which is a part of the water system.It concentrates the roof rainwater and leads it to the rainwater pipes laid below the ground.

Our specs:


Steel downspout

Thickness range:

0.50 ~ 0.70 mm


118 * 89 mm

153 * 106 mm


As per customers' requirement


PPGI/ PPGL/ GI/ Aluminum/ 304 Stainless steel





3.Metal downspout composition:

Downspout clamp / bracket:


Downspout round Pipe Adapter:


Downspout straight & bend pipe:

01-steel-downspout-china-supplier 06-downspout-accessoires 

4.Our metal downspout equipment:


In 2016, our company introduced HSW new downpipe forming machine, which can replace the traditional PVC pipe and be used in steel construction ditch to achieve more coordinated and unified buildings.

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