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Roof insulation sandwich panels with aluminum foil

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Roof insulation sandwich panels with aluminum foil

1.Product instruction:


Polyurethane sandwich panel roof with aluminum foils are the high-end products in today's metal building materials.The reason why it's one kind of the high-end  products,it's because the metal panels are integrated with load-bearing,heat-insulating, fire-proof and waterproof function.The panel can be non-toxic and tasteless,and it doesn’t requires no secondary decoration.PIR roof panels with aluminum kraft paper can be regarded as "Almighty player".Why it's so excellent products,it's because of the material it used for panel.

2.Product material instruction:

Top sheet :

The top sheet can be galvanized steel,PPGL/PPGI steel,aluminum metal sheets,Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets,and stainless steel sheets.If you want to make in steel sheets,there is also coating types for choices,which are PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF,etc.

Aluminum foil:

Size (W * THK) :

1.03 m * 0.065mm

Coating thickness :

 1.2 g/m²

Tensile strength :

 130 ob/Mpa

Gloss :

 85 °

Coating pencil hardness :


Impact resistance :

 50 kg.cm (5N.m)

Adhesive properties :

Bonded 180°, peel the coating and it does not separate

Substrate and coating :

Acid resistance, boiling water resistance, salt tolerance, alkali resistance, oil resistance and alcohol resistance

Surface treament:

Orange peel embossing and Matte coating


Core material :

PIR is actually called polyurethane modified polyisocyanurate, which is a foam obtained by modifying polyurethane.The performance is quite different from polyurethane.It’s class 1 fireproof level.

PUR is short for polyurethane,which is a polymer having a urethane segment repeating structural unit prepared by reacting an isocyanate with a polyol.Our PUR is class 2 fireproof level.


3.Product features:

This sandwich panel realizes a waterproof shunt design, which can reduce the water area of the board and replace the color steel plate with aluminum foil, which improves the high temperature and corrosion resistance of the product.

4.Product application:

This sandwich panel can be widely used in food, medicine, electronics, animal husbandry and other industries,etc.

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