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Steel decking Pros and Cons

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As the technology innovated in these years floor decking and truss girder decking sheet is the emerging technology for the construction industry. How effective does decking sheet compare with traditional reinforced concrete structure? Might be the question of lots of construction companies. Here we analysed some advantages and disadvantages of decking sheets.


1. Light weight and doesn’t require any form work or support props for slab cast.

Traditional construction requires supporting structure for cement casting, because the wet cement cannot hold its own weight by just the reinforced steel. The support is assembled and disassembled before and after the casting which elongate the whole project timeline.

2. Reduces the reinforcing steel by 20% as deck profile itself contributes largely to the tensile reinforcing property.

Floor deck work as part of the building structure to transfer the horizontal force same as the reinforce steel. Therefore the reinforce steel required is lowered. Furthermore, the structure weight is reduced.

3. Acts as composite member and as permanent shuttering.

Instead of temporary shuttering for the cement casting, decks remains as a permanent shuttering inside the structure which makes the floor a composite structure of cement/deck/cement that provides stronger yield strength for the whole building.

4. No major reinforce needed unless the design parameters demand.

The deck as a whole plane provides stronger connection in between the purlins and beams, provides better structure strength then just major reinforce steel.

5. Decreases in slab thickness, provide lighter slabs, reduced foundation loads resulting less material

Traditional casting of cement is hard to control the thickness of the floor and often have a much thicker floor compare to floor cast with decks. The self weight of the cement floor even weakens the yield strength of the whole floor.

6. Consumption & thus less lowering the cost.

Casting floor with decks requires less cement and reinforced steel that covers the cost of decks and more.

7. Deck can be used as working surface while constructing

Decks holds worker better during the construction instead of them hanging between the reinforced steel and shuttering. This improves the safety of worker.

8. Reduce the time spend for the construction, thus reduce the cost

Floor decking enables the construction without shuttering and extra supports assemble and disassemble time which greatly reduce the entire construction period. Then lead to less cost for labour.

9. Metal decks can also be used in roofing and cladding sheets in cement

Other then just decks for floor, there are more decks for wall cladding and roofing. They provides stronger structure strength for the building and need less time to install and construct.


1. Construction teams need experience

Although floor decking sheets makes the construction easier in the result. Workers are still new to this kind of constructing method. Therefore, it takes time for workers get use to the decks.

2. Needs import for some country, only available for some area

Unlike traditional reinforced steel bar you can source from local anywhere in the world. Some country need to import floor decking, since they do not have local steel manufacturers or the manufacturer is not developed enough to manufacture it.

3. Construction schedule difference

The floor decking makes the whole project have a shorter total time span that may need reschedule of other projects like frame work or more.

4. Higher initial cost

Wood frame is much more cheaper than a steel structure building, but steel structure last much longer compare to 10-15 years for wooden structure. Floor decking might be more cost efficient for long lasting buildings.

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