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The difference between color steel sheet and color steel sandwich panel

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        We often see red or blue colored steel activity rooms near the construction site, which is very convenient for construction projects. But is its roofing material a color steel sheet or a color steel sandwich panel? When the steel plate manufacturers divide the color steel plates, how do they distinguish the two steel plates? Which one is more insulated? I will answer your doubts today.

Color steel sheet:


        The color steel plate coating is a product obtained by subjecting a cold-rolled steel plate or a galvanized steel sheet to a surface chemical treatment (roll coating) or a composite organic film (such as a PVC film) and then baking and curing. Some people call this product "pre-rolled color steel plate" and "plastic color steel plate".

Color steel sandwich panel:


       Color steel sandwich panels are a common product in current building materials, which not only can be very flame retardant, but also environmentally friendly and efficient. The color steel sandwich panel is made of two upper and lower metal panels and a middle layer polymer insulated inner core. It has the characteristics of easy installation, light weight and environmental protection. Moreover, the closed-cell molecular structure used in the filling system can prevent the condensation of water vapor. The formation of the outer steel sheet fully considers the structural and strength requirements, and takes into account the aesthetics. The inner surface layer is formed into a flat plate to meet various needs. There are two types of metal panels and non-metal panels. Metal panels are easy to machine and can be made into a variety of shapes, but in some cases non-metallic panels have the effect of metal panels, such as corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

       Color steel sandwich panels have good thermal insulation. The thermal insulation materials commonly used in the color steel plate composite board are: rock wool, glass fiber cotton, polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane, etc., and the thermal conductivity is low, so that the movable house, the integrated house, the steel structure workshop and the like have good thermal insulation effect. The high-strength color steel plate is made of high-strength steel plate (tensile strength 5600kg/cm) plus the most advanced design and roll forming. Therefore, the color steel plate movable room has excellent structural characteristics.

       In summary, we can sum up as follows: the difference between color steel plate and color steel sandwich panel is that the material, production process, use and other aspects are different, of course, the price is also slightly different, color steel sandwich panel is better than The price of color steel plate is high.

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