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Why steel structure buildings are more popular now?

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Designers and construction team are prefer steel structure buildings these days. You may wondering why. You often heard rumor says steel construction are not as steady like other reinforced concrete structures. Because of the traditional is heavier and more stiff. On the other hand, steel have its properties that used to enables cold press production. So steels can be bend and shaped into certain form to to satisfy required shape. Unlike concrete need to cast and waited to dry, steel structure were mass produced in manufactured in required shape and form. Steel structure only need to be assembled on site. Therefore, the construction time is much lowered which further lower the labor cost by shorten the time. Labor cost is always much higher in developed countries than developing countries.


Corrugated metal sheets

This thin layer of sheets provide more protection than ten times thickness of concrete structures. It can either used on roof or wall. The wave and ribs on it provide it better yielding strength than just plane sheet. If you ever wondering how your garage door protects your garage, it may disform when impacted but won't break easy. On the opposite concrete structures are either unwaved or completely broken.


To further improve steel structure materials there are insulation panels. Since metal sheets are commonly just thin layer of sheets which unable to provide enough insulation in terms of thermal or sound. To fix that, we add a layer of insulaton material in between two sheets metal. Depend on the project and local environment, several different materials were used as they have different perks. Rock wool provides the best fire proof and sound proof properties. Glass wool comes cheaper with less stats than rock wool. PU - polyurethane has the best properties all around can be used in most situation. EPS have the lowest density which makes the structure light weight.


Steel frames

Back when I lived in Australia, I first time saw someone use wood as the frame of houses. Because in China I only ever know steel truss girder and reinforced concrete buildings. Later I ask some local elders, they said Aussie uses wood structures because they normally only build one storey houses, do not require really strong supporting. But steel frames can be crucial for other parts of the world. Some area of the world may face some worst natural disasters like hurricane, snow storm or typhoon. To avoid structure damage, a strong frame is necessary. It keeps other parts togegher. By having steel frames, the only thing can destroy your house would be some weapon damage.

Container_For_Living_Supplier (1)

Container house

For emergence use, normal building cannot be built as fast as container houses. For the record, while Wuhan started the pandemic, it only takes them 10 days to build fully function hospital capacity of 1500 patients with all electricity, sewing drain and purification system. Even if the labor is not as experienced, these container house is still relatively easy to build, just follow instruction, after few container houses been built, these workers can be called experienced worker for building container house.


Decoration panel

Instead of painting, wood or brick as the appearance of building, there are more to imagine and created. PU metal panels provides all style you can ever imagined. It can be engraved to any pattern you like. So you can have wood grain steel outer layer for you house with the physical properties beyond wood can provide. 

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