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Why the Flat pack container house is tailor-made for temporary construction sites?

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With the continuous development of the construction industry, the new concept of green and civilized construction has received more and more attention from construction units. Especially in the temporary construction industry, the market share of well-known prefab houses is becoming less and less, while the market share of emerging modular houses (flat pack houses) is increasing.

Under the background trend of vigorously developing construction industrialization, the detachable and movable packaged box house will definitely replace the color steel plate house.

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(1) Structural comparison

The flat pack house is a welded structure, and the steel structure adopts galvanized technology. It consists of a structural system, a ground system, a floor system, a wall system, and a roof system. Each system consists of several unit modules, and the unit modules are manufactured in the factory. , the house site is assembled by unit modules.

(2) Design comparison

The flat pack container house design introduces modern home elements, which can be assembled and disassembled freely according to the needs of the different environments of the house. According to the changes of the environment, users can choose the assembling method of each module to create a personalized house. The adjustable house base can also adapt to the requirements of different grounds. The exterior of the house can also be attached with other building decoration materials as the envelope and surface finishing or decoration.


The flat pack container room is based on a single box, which can be stacked and combined arbitrarily. A modular unit can be an entire room or several rooms, or a part of a large room. The flat pack container house can be assembled and combined in any length and width direction, can be stacked in three layers, and can be decorated with roofs, terraces and other decorations. The top frame and bottom frame of the flat pack house adopts thermal insulation measures, and the design is more reasonable. Each room is decorated according to the standard and can be equipped with all living facilities.

(3) Performance comparison

The flat pack container house is earthquake resistant to grade 8, wind resistant to grade 12, and has a service life of more than 20 years. The flat pack container room is made of high-quality materials, can be recycled, and is economical and environmentally friendly. The wall is made of non-cold-bridge cotton plug-in color steel composite panels, and the components are connected by a non-cold-bridge. When subjected to vibration and impact, there will be no cold-bridge due to the shrinkage of the core material, which prevents the bulk insulation material from being shaken. 


A cold bridge appears on the upper part of the member. Rock wool sliver can maintain good thermal insulation performance in high temperature or low temperature environment, and has the characteristics of non-flammable, non-toxic, light weight, low thermal conductivity, good sound absorption, insulation, good chemical stability and long service life. The packed box house is more airtight, more soundproof, more fireproof, more moisture-proof and more heat-insulated than the traditional color steel plate house.

(4) Basic comparison

The foundation of the flat pack container house is simpler. It can be used as a strip foundation or a pier foundation. It can even be placed directly on the ground without a foundation. The indoor floor does not need to be leveled.

(5) Installation comparison

The flat pack container house is fast to install and has a short construction period. Four workers can complete the installation of a single box in 3 hours; it can also be shipped as a whole box, and it can be used after the water and electricity are connected to the site. Same day installation, same day use.

(6) Transportation comparison

The flat pack container house can be disassembled and made into a board package, which is suitable for sea and land transportation. Land transportation: 12 sets of flatbed trucks of 17.4 meters can be installed, which greatly saves transportation costs. The house can be prefabricated and assembled in the factory at a short distance, and the whole house is transported to the recipient site, and it can be used directly after hoisting. Shipping: Usually 6 pieces in a 40-foot high box.

(7) Comparison of application fields

The flat pack container room can be used in engineering camps, logistics parks, military, municipal, commercial, oilfield mining, tourism, exhibitions, etc. It can be used for living, office, warehousing, commercial operation, tourism landscape, etc. meet the needs of life.

(8) Comparison of energy saving and environmental protection

The flat pack container house adopts the "factory manufacturing + on-site installation" mode, and no construction waste is generated on the construction site. After the demolition of the project, there will be no construction waste and no damage to the original resident environment. The flat pack container room can be recycled, with zero loss in transition, reducing environmental pressure.

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