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Yumisteel Mid-autumn Festival Celebration

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Yumisteel Mid-autumn Festival Celebration

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a very important festival for the Chinese. It is a reunion festival and a festival to celebrate the harvest. In order to celebrate this happy day with the staff,Yumisteel hold a Mid-autumn Festival party on 2019/09/12.

"Bobing" is a tradtional culture in Xiamen,so the party began with this interesting game.

Yumisteel Mid-autumn festival           Yumisteel Mid-autumn festival 02        Yumisteel Mid-autumn festival 03

Bobing Game tool                                  A dazzling array of prizes                 Enthusiastic crowd

Then there were wonderful performances and staffs had dinner together.

Yumisteel Mid-autumn festival 04           Yumisteel Mid-autumn festival 05          Yumisteel Mid-autumn festival 06

Yumisteel wish everyone "Happy Mid-autumn festival and enjoy a good holiday."


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