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Pros and Cons of Prefabricated Homes

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Prefabricated houses have come an advanced development over recent years. The prefab homes offer home buyers another choice to achieve their dream to own one dream house. Hereby, Yumisteel will support consumers to understand the advantages and disadvantages,so buyers can rationally choose and buy a home that suits them.

Prefab Home


·Excellent quality

Prefabricated houses are made by steel structure and metal wall panels,comparing to wooden structure and concrete houses,they has more strong structure and anti-corrosion. In addition,modular homes are built in a factory, this is meaning the building process for all the pieces is under intense quality control,during the assembly line.

 Prefab house construction

·Construction speed

Comparing to common house construction,modular houses can be built quickly.According to building sizes,the construction team can complete the house as fast as 7 days. Civil-built houses always require timely supply from each supplier, and the entire process requires workers to proceed many steps, which can take months to complete.

Most parts and components of prefabricated houses have been processed in the factory, and at site,it only needs to assemble the components together. At the same time, the assembling process is simple and easy to understand,this is making workers operate easily. Steel villas construction

·Cost saving

The construction period of modular homes is much more shorter than civil-built houses,it can save around 40-60% of labor cost. Meanwhile, the cost of a modular home can be up to 15% cheaper than a stick built home, and possibly even more affordable if you are building your home in a location that is hard to get to or far from major manufacturing centers.

·High strength

According to the local earthquake risk and weather characteristics, the strength of a steel structure prefabricated house can be set in advance at the beginning of the design. In this way,it can ensure the safety of your home.


☆ Disadvantages

Of course if you are considering to buy a modular house,you should also be aware of some disadvantages.Hereby,we will support to explain some of them.

·More complicated loan process

As far as we know,there are some countries don’t have any loan policy on modular houses.So comparing to purchase a commercial house,to buy a modular house,you will need time to understand the local loan policy,and check if you can apply it.

 house loan

·Land cost

If you want to own a prefab steel villas,you will need to own one land. In some areas,the cost of land is far more expensive than building a house. The cost of land combined with a house can be a bit shocking to people who are not prepared for it.

·Land restrictions

Many countries have certain requirements for the appearance of the city, so the choice of prefabricated houses may not be approved by municipal center.


☆ About choices

Based on the above pros and cons, you can easily know if you are suitable for buying a modular house. Of course, if you are still confused, please feel free to contact Yumisteel team at any time, we will be happy to help you.

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