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How Much Do You Know About The Rockwool - The Most Recommended Material

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The origin of rock wool

Rockwool originated in Hawaii. After the first volcanic eruption on the island of Hawaii, residents of the island found a strand of melted soft rock on the ground. This was the original rock wool fiber that humans recognized. rockwoolThe production process of rock wool is actually simulated of Hawaiian volcanic eruption, the natural process. 

Rock wool products use high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials. After melting at a temperature of more than 1450 , the fiber is centrifuged into a high-speed centrifuge using an international advanced high-speed centrifuge. Adhesives, dust-proof oil and water-repellent are collected by the cotton collector, through the pendulum process, plus the three-dimensional method of laying cotton, and then solidified and cut to form rock wool products of different specifications and uses.


Development History

Today, with the rapid development of human civilization, the natural environment has been greatly damaged, and environmental problems have become a serious issue that all mankind must face together. Energy conservation and emission reduction, and vigorous promotion of low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green buildings have become the focus of the entire society. Building energy consumption accounts for more than 30% of the entire human energy consumption, and the development of new building materials for energy saving, emission reduction and low-carbon economy cannot be delayed.

Since the beginning of this century, the fire caused by the improper selection of external insulation materials for external walls has caused shocks and caused great losses to the safety of people’s lives and property. Rock wool products are internationally recognized as the "fifth routine with its excellent fire insulation properties. The main energy-saving materials in "Energy". For every ton of rock wool products used for thermal insulation in buildings, it can save at least 1 ton of energy per year, which is in line with the trend of low carbon, energy saving, and emission reduction. Therefore, as an ideal building insulation material-rock wool, it is facing unprecedented Development opportunities and challenges.


Rockwool products

Rockwool sandwich panel

Use the thermal insulation performance of rockwook 

to produce the rockwool sandwich panel. Color 

coating steel sheet make the building fantastic 

facade and core material rockwool keepthe suitable 

temperature inside the building.

wall rockwool panel pic_副本

PU sealing rockwool sandwich panel

The corn material is rockwool and PU edges. 

The effect of PU edges is that improving the 

water resistance of whole panel, as well as, 

tighten the rockwool to prevent scattered. 

Help the panel displays better thermal 

insulation performance.

3 ribs roof pu sealing rockwool sandwich

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