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Yumisteel Back to Work

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 “2019nCoV” / “COVID19” is an unexpected situation in the beginning of 2020. But China government did a great work to stop this disease. Yumisteel is also following China government policy and measurement,and positively started working hard for work resumption. And finally we achieved it,and started working normally since 2020/02/18.

Here we would like to share with you how we protect our staffs and customer guide under “COVID 19” disease.

Staff protection measurement:

 Yumisteel back to work

● Self inspection

Ask yourself,“Have you been to an area where an infection has occurred?” “Have you been to other city?” And report to your department leader honestly.

As a department leader,please do your self-examination, pay attention to your subordinates at all times, and keep abreast of the subordinates' health status, current location, when to return to the premises, and what means of transportation to return to the premises.

Employees who need to be isolated should make timely work adjustments to ensure the safety of employees and ensure the smooth development of work.

● Necessity:

Yumisteel has prepared a lot of anti-epidemic materials for all the staffs.

→ In the beginning,we can only supply a staff with 2 masks and 40 PCs inner mask stickers. Right now masks are not out of stock,so Yumisteel prepare everyone one week 7 PCs per one person.

→ Disposable hand sanitizer. If you run out, you can apply again.

→ Alcohol disinfectant.If you run out, you can apply again.

→ Disposable gloves,if necessary, you can apply gloves to touch things.

 Anti-epidemic material Yumisteel

● Entry requirements:

→ All the staffs wears masks for the whole day;

→Before entering company,everyone need to check the body temperature. Any person with temperature higher than 37.3°,then he or she will not be allowed to enter company;

● Other requirements:

→ One day two times’ body temperature inspection;

→ We encourage self-driving commutes to reduce the spread of public transportation;

→ Have lunch in batches as follows:

11: 00-11: 25 Staffs in offices

11: 30-11: 55 The first batch of staffs of production department

12: 00-12: 25 The second batch of staffs of production department

12: 30-12: 55 Other staffs and leaders in office building

→ Reduce meetings and events. If necessary, please ensure that the distance between people is at least 1 meter;

→ All the equipment, office buildings, Dormitories, cafeterias, toilets, etc., company cleaning department will disinfect 4-5 times a day,please rest assured.


Customer guide under “COVID 19” disease

● Is it safe to receive goods from China?

→The new coronavirus series of questions and answers produced by the World Health Organization makes it clear that new Coronavirus cannot remain on the surface of objects or packages for a long time.

 Is it safe to receive goods from China

Here we also showed you one video,which is comments from leader of WHO inspection team in China.

● How about lead time?

→ Since we have started production normally since 2020/02/18. We can ensure the shipment time as we agree on proforma invoice. Regular material lead time is 7-10 days, customized material lead time is 10-30 days,which is depending on material supply.

● Does logistics work properly?

→ Our main plant is located in Shandong province,the domestic logistics are normally working since 2020/02/13. Even there are few vessels, we can still export as usual.

● Is there anything you should pay attention to,in terms of customs inspection?

→ At present, China customs have not issued any relevant export restrictions on commodities. Each country will introduce more or less related policies, but as far as we know, most ports do not prevent vessels departing from Chinese ports from calling. For safety, it takes 15 days for security isolation assessment,before being allowed to do the next step,such as Vietnam,USA.

Hereby, we provide some policies we know for your reference.

USA: 15 days for security isolation assessment,New tax reduction and exemption policy update

India: Significantly increased import taxes, mainly in furniture, footwear, home appliances, mobile phone parts, toys,etc.

Indonesia: Suspension of import of live animals, but not stop importation of Chinese food

Jordan: Stop importation of animals and plants

Malaysia:There are no restrictions on importation of Chinese products currently, but inspections of meat and vegetables have been increased

Russia:Temporary restrictions will be implemented for one month from January 30, 2020 to restrict all species of exotic animals produced in China to be imported to Russia,which is including insects, arthropods, amphibians, reptiles, etc.

Georgia:Temporarily stop importing all live, non-live animals and animal products from China.

Kyrgyzstan: Since January 23, Kyrgyzstan has decided to temporarily suspend the import of meat and its products from China,until the epidemic of the new coronavirus pneumonia is resolved.

Bangladesh: Banks, companies seeking alternatives to import goods from China.

● Regarding visit or production inspection,how to do?

→ We advise you can hire a third party agent in China to support your work.


☆ Ending


All the Chinese people are working hard to fight with new coronavirus,this is crisis,but it’s also one challenge for every Chinese.Yumisteel as a steel structure products supplier,we are constantly working hard, please give us applause and encouragement, thank you! Warmly welcome you to learn about our products through our website. Of course, if you need, we can send you samples for inspection.

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