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200mm Thickness EPS Wall Sandwich Panel for Office Building

EPS sandwich panel with good thermal & heated insulation, sound insulation, and it is easy to install.
  • 950/1150mm

Modular EPS sandwich panel:

Eps sandwich board with three layers, the first& third layers are prepaint color coated steel plates, and the core layer

is polystyrene foam. 

Lightweight EPS sandwich panel application: 

Partition wall, warehouse, stockage, office, hotel, accommodation, workshop, shed, garage, factory buildings, container houses, prefabricated house, exhibition halls, gymnasiums,  etc.

Polystyrene composite wall panel model type:

200mm eps sandwich panel

EPS sandwich panel specification:

Panel effective width: 950/1150 mm
Steel sheet thickness: 0.30 ~ 0.70 mm
Panel thickness: 200mm (50/75/100/150/250 mm)
EPS density: 8 ~ 20 KG/M³
Color: As per RAL or customized
Coating: PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF.
Steel type: PPGL, PPGI steel / Aluminum sheet / Stainless steel sheets
Length limitation: Max 5.9m for 20FT;
Max 11.9m for 40FT.
Installation accessories: Aluminum U channels,self screws, flashings, etc.

EPS sandwich panel highlights:

  1. Heat& thermal insulation,

  2. Light weight with high strength,

  3. Available colors: white, sea blue, grey, red, orange, yellow,green, purple, black, etc. or can be customized.

  4. Long life,

  5. Waterproof,

  6. Sound insulation,

  7. Favorable price,

  8. Easy to install.

Other notes:

1)After the materials arrive at site,please check the quantity of each item carefully and see if any transport damage happened,according to the delivery list. If you found out any missing or panel damage,please check if it is indicated on the invoice or not,also immediately notify the relevant service department of Yumi steel.


2)The small piece of material,for example fasteners,connecting pieces and sealants should be placed in safe place,it’s better to be locked,in case of theft.


3)Please don’t use the dirty gloves to handle and install wall panels and edge trims(flashings),especially galvalume material and edge trims,in order to avoid the dirty appeared on wall panels and edge trims surface,and it’s hard to clear and will have effects on aesthetic.


4)All the parts that need sealants should wipe the attachment surface clean,to make sure there is good adhesion on color steel.The glue joint should be full and dense to avoid water leakage.


5)The PVC films on panels,please peel it off within 3 ~ 4 months,after shipment.Otherwise it will have chemical reaction and make it very difficult to peel off.


6)During the installation process, wall panel maybe damaged by collision and friction with the scaffold, column, brick wall,etc.So please be careful about this point.


7)During the on-site cutting process of wall panel, the bottom surface of the cutting machine should not be in direct contact with the color steel surface.It’s best padded with thin plywood on the panel,then cut.The burrs on the cutting end need to be removed and installed in time.


8)Iron scraps are generated after cutting and drilling holes,and these iron filings on panel surface need to be cleaned.These iron scraps must be cleaned up in time and must not be left overnight.Iron filings can rust in a humid environment. The rust spots are verified to be removed after the surface of the board is formed, and the paint surface or even the substrate may be damaged for a long time.Similarly, other cut-off color steel heads, iron bars pulled by aluminum alloy steel nails, etc. should be cleaned up in time.


9)After the daily installation work is completed, all the debris left on the site must be cleaned up.



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