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40mm Insulated Roof PIR/PUR/PU Sandwich Panels

Polyurethane roof insulated sandwich panels in 40mm thickness is our new products,which is to offer economical PU sandwich panels for customers’ choice.Our sandwich panels are already got CE/ISO certificates,to ensure products quality could be certificated.
Color:As per RAL chart
Minimum order quantities:500M²
  • 1000
  • Yumi steel
  • 72104900

40mm Insulated Roof PIR/PUR/PU Sandwich Panels

1. Product overview:

Yumisteel's roof sandwich panel of PUR / PIR is designed to implement a variety of functions.The most important things are: resistance to atmospheric factors, heat insulation, beauty, durability, functionality and universality.

Product Specs:



Modular width

1000 mm

Panel thickness

40 mm

Other thickness for Roof:
50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200 mm

Steel thickness

0.40 - 0.70 mm

PU density

38 - 42 kg/m3

Regular panel color

White grey, Sea blue, Sliver grey, Dk grey, Iron grey

Joint way

visible joint

Product joint way drawing:

01 PUR steel roof sandwich panels joint

2. Applications for PU roof panels:

02 Polyurethane foam sandwich panels application

Roof insulated sandwich panels with PUR / PIR core material,it could be used in different kinds of buildings:

1) Commercial buildings;

2) Industrial buildings;

3) Agricultural buildings

4) Warehouses;

5) Logistics centres.

3. PUR panels technical index:






Density(normal temperature)







Heat conductivity coefficient







Moisture permeance factor




Water absorption





Closed porosity





Compressive strength





Bending tolerance





Oxygen index




Scale of burning




Maximum flame spread rate




Vertical burning test

average burning hour




average burning height



Dimensional stability





Remark:Curing time 25MM/24H,Other thickness is increasing by proportion.

Consult for more detailed technical information,please contact us,thank you.

4. Panel advantages:

○ High adiabatic capability comes from the core of rigid PUR, and additional seals are installed in steel insulated panel manufacturing process.

○ High fire resistance to achieved through special panels and locking joints on both sides of roof sandwich panel.

○ Easy to install lock cone and conical cone on the surface of the internal joint.

○ Compatible system - panel uses different core materials to match other panels.

○ The ability to match panels of different thickness.

○ In forming metal sheets, durable corrosion resistant coatings can be obtained by using appropriate technology.

○ Due to the trapezoidal profile of the external sandwich insulated panels, the bearing capacity is high.

○ Good discharge of rainwater.

5. Packing & Stacking of PU roof panels:

1) Sandwich panels will be sealed with PVC film to protect the surface steel sheets from damage;

2) Using our PU sandwich panels packing machine,and packing with nylon to make panels in suitable quantity and bundles;

03 PU sandwich panels packing

3) After finishing the packing,we will stack them in neat and dry place,also will put sleeper or foam as support,to avoid any water on the groud to break the panels;

04 metal sandwich panels stacking

6. Transportation for insulation panels:

1) The delivery time for Yumi steel sandwich panels is depending on seasons and thickness of panels;

2) Each delivery is depending on where to deliver,if it’s for domestic market,it will be transported by truck.If it’s for foreign market,panels will be loaded in containers and delivered;

3) Loading and carrying surfaces in trucks or containers must be clean and dry. No nails or other sharp objects are allowed to be appeared in truck or containers. If any accessories,which is considering as protruding objects,then they have to be properly secured (should be packed with wooden blocks or waste foam), to avoid damage to the panels.

7. Unloading for sandwich panels:

• Before starting to unload PU sandwich panels, check the package condition status,and confirm they are in good status,then could arrage unloading;

• Packages of insulated panels should be unloaded with an overhead travelling crane or lift.Packages can be unloaded also with forklift;

• For unloading with picture introduction, please contact us to send you for reference.

8. Order & inquiry:

Inquiry form:

Panel type
(wall or roof)

Effective width required

Panel thickness for wall
(35/ 40/ 50/ 60/ 75/ 100/ 125/ 150/ 200/ 250 mm)

Panel thickness for roof
(40/ 50/  75/ 100/ 125/ 150/ 200 mm)

Steel thickness
(0.40 - 0.70 mm)

Regular panel color
(White grey, Sea blue, Sliver grey, Dk grey, Iron grey)

Special color
(Could be customized or as per RAL color swatches)

Coating type choice
(PE/ PVDF/  HDP/ SMP, etc.)

Order quantity

Other requirement

Please fill in this form and send to us by e-mail address admin@yumisteel.com ,we will offer you quick quotation with 24 hours.

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