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50mm Fireproof Rockwool Wall Panels for Steel Structural Buildings

We are sandwich panel manufacturer.Mineral wool roof sandwich panel is also one kind of structural insulated panels,which is also known as A1 level fireproof insulated panels.It is widely used in many kinds of buildings.
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50mm fireproof rockwool wall panels

1. What we could do for you?

Yumi steel has a high quality professional technical team and project management team.From the initial of projects to project design,project management,we always have a professional technical staff on your side,to offer you with the best building solutions.


Program design and technical guidance:

Project advice;

Personalized design programs;

Load and structural calculations;

Construction and installation diagram;

Detail treatment design.

Professional project management:

Comprehensive project management;

Construction site coordination;

Installation instructions;

Installation quality control;

On-site safety supervision;

After-sales service tracking.

2.Product features:

A) Fire performance:

The insulation panels (asbestos panels) are used for roof coverings or external wall and partitions (fire compartments) of steel buildings, which could meet up insulation requirements and high requirements for fire prevention.

B) Sound insulation:

The combination of mineral wool or rock wool fibers contains a large amount of free air space, and even if it is compressed by rolls or sheets,it has excellent sound insulation properties.

Rockwool panels Sound damping value

Core material thickness(mm)

Sound reduction index(dB)

Spectrum adaptation factors



















Note:These data is based on steel thickness 0.40-0.50mm and rock wool density 100KG/M³.

C) Insulation performance:

Rock wool products have thermal conductivity with K value between 0.03-0.04 W/m·K,which ensure they could be available in high temperature industrial buildings.

3. Panel series:

Wall rockwool panels:

Common type

Vertical Z lock joint type

Horizontal Z lock joint type

01 rockwool metal panels factory price 

02 China rockwool sandwich panels manufacturer 

03 China wall sandwich panels cheap price

Roof rockwools panels:

Common type

Hidden screw type

04 Good price roof sandwich panels supplier 

05 Roof sandwich panels joint way

Different types of rockwool sandwich panels to meet different customers’ demand.

4.  Panel rib types:

A) Pure flat:

06 wall composite panel supplier 

B) Micro-ribs:

07 wall sandwich panel with micro ribs 

C) Wide ribs:

08 metal panels with wide ribs 

D) Mini ribs:

09 aluminum sandwich panel manufacturers 

Various types of rib types on our insulated panels to meet different needs of customers for architectural aesthetics.

5. Product application:

It’s widely used as internal walls or external walls for prefabricated buildings,such as steel factory,power plant,steel warehouse,steel shed,etc.

6. Sandwich panel storage:

10 rockwool-sandwich-panel-stacking 

A, The stacking location must be flat, strong, clean, and ventilated. The yard should be as close as possible to the area where the siding is installed to avoid long-distance secondary transportation.

B,When stacking, please pay attention to adjust the height with the sleepers, and make wall sandwich panel has a tilt angle of 2"'50C after stacking,so that even if water flows between the external steel composite panels,the water will not stay on wall/roof panel.If wall/roof panels are placed outdoors, it must be covered by tarpaulin. And it must be completely covered,especially when core material is rock wool or grass wool,the exposed part should be strengthened to avoid damage to the core material due to rain.

C,Wall sandwich panels stacking should be kept away from other exposed steel materials,in order to prevent the rust on these steel materials from falling and adhering to the outer wall sandwich panels. It is difficult to remove,and will cause rust spots and penetrate into the steel sheet.

D,When wall panels are stacked one on another, please dont place more than two piles per stack. Heavy objects and pedals cannot be placed on wall sandwich panels to avoid damage to the top coating or even the steel sheet.

E,The sandwich wall panel is wrapped with a polyethylene protective film. The film cannot be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise the protective film will be difficult to tear off.

F,Regarding flashings,they must also be stacked neatly. If it is placed outdoors, it must be completely covered with a tarpaulin.

7. Insulated panel carrying at site:


Protective gloves and goggles must be used throughout the manual handling. For the handling of a single façade, the length of the slab should be lifted by 3" '5 people, so as not to deform the siding. To prevent the interface from being damaged, the flat can not be picked up at the interface. When transporting, do not drag wall panels on the surface of the object, and do not drag wall sandwich panels to each other to avoid damage to the topcoat. Avoid bending when handling. Bending will rupture the core of the panel and permanently deform the inner and outer surfaces.




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