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75mm Australian Standards Roof Insulation EPS Sandwich Panels for Prefab Houses

Roof insulation EPS sandwich panels,is also called polystyrene sandwich panel.Australian standards roof sandwich panels is hidden screws type installation way,which will make sandwich panels with more better waterproof and heat preservation performance.
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75mm Australian standards roof insulation EPS sandwich panels for prefab houses


1. Model type:


Basic information:

Panel effective width:

950 mm

Steel sheet thickness:

0.40 ~ 0.70 mm

Panel thickness:

75 mm

EPS density:

8 ~ 20 KG/M⊃3;


As per RAL or customized



Steel type:

PPGL, PPGI steel / Aluminum sheet / Stainless steel sheets

Fire resistant level:


Length limitation:

Max 5.9m for 20FT;

Max 11.9m for 40FT.

Installation accessories:

Aluminum U channels,self screws, flashings, etc.

Joint way:

Hidden screws type Z lock


Joint way:


There is no space and screws are hidden and covered,when installation.This connection way of roof sandwich panels can make the roof system have much more better waterproof performance than common roof sandwich panels.

Panel rib types:


It’s wide ribs on top steel sheet,and V type corrugated ribs on bottom steel sheet.It’s fixed ribs,and couldn’t be revised.


2. Our production site:

To make you know us more,we would like to show you more about our production site for sandwich panels.For more details,please feel free to contact us,thank you.

3. Panel Properties:

Panel Properties

Panel thickness(mm)




Thermal performance at 8ºC

"R" Value(m⊃2;K/W)


Thermal performance at 20ºC

"R" Value(m⊃2;K/W)



4. Panel container loading quantities:

Container type

Panel type

Max Length(M)

Loading quantity(M)

Loading quantity(M⊃2;)


Roof panel





Roof panel




Note:1,This calculation is based on max length;
     2,We could also accept other special container type,like 45HQ;
     3,This is the loading quantity reference for 75mm thick roof sandwich panels.

5. Panel packages and loading reference:


The roof sandwich panels could be sealed by sealing tapes,and loading is by our factory crane.And we will also put the thick EPS foam to protect the panels from crashing each other.


6. EPS sandwich panels features:

☆ Lightweight:

Because of light density,it makes the EPS sandwich panels in lower weight,and makes the installation more easier.

☆ Various colors:

Many colors choices for you to choose for your buildings.

☆ Long life:

If the coating types are selected properly,the sandwich panels could be long life and less maintenance.

☆ Waterproof:

The joint type is hidden screws type,which make it act more better in waterproof performance.

☆ Sound insulation:

EPS sandwich panels is with 3 layers’ materials,which is far more better than single layer steel sheet on sound insulation function.

☆ Good price:

EPS sandwich panels price is the best among all the kinds of sandwich panels.

☆ Easy installation:

It’s easy installation to save the construction period.


7. EPS sandwich panels application:


EPS roof sandwich panels are widely used as roof panels in prefab houses,flat packed container houses,poultry farm,etc.


8. Some special notes:

☆ Protective films:

All the sandwich panels that Yumi steel made are covered with a layer of PVC protective film.This PVC protective film must be removed within 4 months,after sandwich panels production.Otherwise there will be chemical reaction,and make the PVC film so difficult to be removed.Also if you want to store panels for long time,please protected the panels from sun exposure,high temperatures and other bad atmosphetic conditions.

☆ Cutting for sandwich panels and flashings:

Please use proper tools to cut the panels and flashings.Don’t make overheat for the steel sheets,otherwise it will do harm to the zinc coating and cause corrosion.Also it will have damage to core material.Please use circular saws for metal cutting.When cutting panels remove excess metal filings that can cause corrosion, and prevent sparks and filings from falling onto other panels.

☆ Dark colors warning:

We do not recommend to use dark colors for sandwich panels.Because of sunlight absorption and overheating of steel sheets on panels.Steel temperature expansion and possible damages will be caused by overheating.Also temperature changes may result in deterioration of aesthetic or damage of panels.

☆ Color difference:

We can not make sure for same color,if you don’t make order at one time.Please be noted,thank you.

☆ Size tolerance:

There will be material tolerance for width,length,steel sheet thickness of sandwich panels.If you want them to be no less than which size,please indicated,when make orders.Then we will ask steel mill and our production team to be noticed about the requirement.


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