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Customized Width Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coils

PPGI is the short name for prepainted galvanized steel coils,which is mainly used for making steel structure products.PPGI refers to factory pre-coated zinc coated steel in which the steel is painted prior to forming rather than being painted after forming.
MOQ:25 tons per color & size
  • 500-1250mm

  • Yumi steel

  • 72104900

Customized width prepainted galvanized steel coils

1. Product overview:

1) Introduction:

Color coated steel coilsPre-coated steel coil has the characteristics of light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance. It could be used directly and its use covers a wide range of industries such as construction and home appliances.

Users can choose the appropriate polyester silicon modified polyester, polyoxyethylene plastisol, polyvinylidene fluoride and other colored belt coatings according to the application conditions. Pre-coated steel will replace wood and other materials, with the advantages of avoiding discoloration, weathering, and powdering. It reduces most of the maintenance costs. At the same time, various colors and special surface coatings and structures give the pre-coated steel great flow and plasticity in various applications. In China, construction is the main application area for pre-coated steel. At the same time, due to its well-known advantages, the technology is improving day by day, not only in the steel production field has been widely used, but also by automobile manufacturers, non-ferrous metals, mechanical and electrical equipment, electricity, coal, light industry, medicine, food, furniture and other industries. accept. Current consumption.

2) Coating type:

PPGI surface coating details

There are 4 coating types could be applied on PPGI cold rolled steel coils,its PE, SMP, HDP, PVDF.The following are the details for coating type introduction:


Commonly used,its short for Polyester polyester painting. It is mostly used in general environment,and anti-corrosion for 7-8 years, with strong adhesion.


Silicone Mobified Polyester,which is resistant to contamination, weathering, self-cleaning, gloss retention, color retention, etc. It has low adhesion and is suitable for coastal areas.


High weathering painting, high weather resistance, strong corrosion resistance, used in drying, temperature difference, and humidity. Such color steel plates are not recommended for coastal outdoor use.


Fluorocarbon paint, the most advanced and certainly the most expensive paint, the leader in paint. Strong anti-corrosion, long-lasting color, UV resistance.

3) Zinc coating on color coated steel coil:

The zinc coating weights are directly effects on the expected life of steel coils.Usually our metal coils zinc coating range is from 40 g/m² to 275 g/m².The zinc coating is controlled by different steel mill,so its better to choose large state-owned steel mill,which could make sure about the steel zinc coating quality.

4) Coating content of painted steel coil:

Top coating

22 - 25 μm

Back coating

7 - 10 μm

5) Product specification & Basic information:

Product name

PPGI ( Prepainted galvanized )

Base sheet

Galvanized( Zinc coating )

Production standards

JIS G 3312-CGCC, CGC340-570, (G550), ASTM A -755M CS-B, SS255-SS550

Thickness range

0.13 - 2.00 mm

Width range

750 - 1250 mm

Coil ID

508/610 mm


Soft, Medium, Hard

Mass of coating

40 g/m² - 275 g/m²

Painting standard

Primers: Epoxy,  PU

Top Coating: Polyester (PE),Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP),High-durability Polyester coating(HDP)Poly Vinyl Di Flouride (PVDF)

Back Coating: Epoxy, Polyester, PU

Top Coating

20-25 μm

Back Coating

7-10 μm


As Per RAL Chart/Customer requirements.

Surface Finishes

Glossy and Matte


1,500,000 MT / year


Seaworthy Packaging

Loading Port

Tianjin /Qingdao /Shanghai /Xiamen

2.  Product application:

Construction: Outdoor applications: roofs, roof structures, rolling doors, kiosks, blinds, guard gates, street waiting rooms, air ducts, etc.

Electrical appliances: refrigerators, air conditioners, electronic stoves, washing machine casings, oil furnaces, etc.

Transportation: Automotive ceilings, back panels, coamings, car casings, tractors, ship bays, etc.

However,the most used ones are steel construction plants, composite board factories, and color steel tile factories.

3. Types and characteristics of substrates for color coating steel:

Substrate Type



Cold rolled steel sheets

Its own corrosion resistance is not good, but cost is low.

Metal furniture lining parts, lamps, wire boxes, etc.

Hot galvanized steel sheets

The hot-dip galvanized sheet has a thick zinc layer and is suitable for preparing a color-coated plate with high corrosion resistance and less decorative requirements.

Exterior wall panels, roof panels, garage doors, etc.

Hot-dip aluminum-zinc sheets

The production process is basically the same as that of the hot-dip galvanized sheet, and the composition of the molten plating solution is mainly adjusted, and the content is classified according to the content of aluminum.
Due to their good corrosion resistance and processability, they have begun to replace hot-dip galvanized sheets.

Corrosive outdoor environment

4. Packing & Loading:

Packing & Loading for steel coils

All our products will be well packed with waterproof paper,galvanized steel layer,edge protection layer,straps,then tags or mark on coil surface.Our loading will be protected by wooden pallet or iron,and steel ropes to fixed,make sure the steel coils could be protected very well,until goods arrived in customers place.

5. Contact Infor:

Xiamen Yumi Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Contact person:Alina



E-mail: admin@yumisteel.com or manager@yumisteel.com


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