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Good Quality Modern Sandwich Panel Luxury Prefab Container for Construction

The container can expand the original space, and only need to put on the table and chairs is a small restaurant. The dining tables provided by the restaurant are all derived from scrap steel, which does not contradict the overall industrial style of the restaurant. At the same time, it also reflects the reuse of materials, which effectively reduces the waste of materials and saves costs.
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1. Affordable 

The biggest incentive and advantage for all those thinking about ship container houses is that they are quite cheap. Getting a used shipping container and converting it into a home is far less expensive than getting a home in the cheapest place of the city. And you might not even find what you are looking for. But with ship container houses, all you need to do is to look for one and you shall have one.

2. Easy to use and construct 

Contrary to what it looks like, it is extremely easy to execute a shipping container home design. All you need is a shipping container, a company that you can buy or rent it from, delivery guys ready to maneuver it into your back yard and lots of ideas and you can end up with a great home. Any container ship design can be easily incorporated into any container. You want to add doors or windows or need a stair case, simple enough.

3. Environment friendly

But if a completely different and personal ship container architecture is not an incentive enough for you, maybe the fact that you are actually doing some good for the environment will cheer you up. Most companies offer old and new containers, both, to be used as homes.

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How long do container houses last?

Generally speaking, though, a home built from used shipping containers should last about 15 years without any major maintenance, and one built using new containers should last about 25 years. By using an effective form of external cladding, you can extend your home's lifespan by several decades

Container house application 

1. Construction site

The construction site should be a scene where there are many applications of residential containers, and its service objects are first-line construction workers who need night construction, and provide a temporary shelter for this group of shelter from wind and rain. The container mobile house with good reputation is more professional, meticulous and user-friendly internally, and the living experience is not lost to any single hotel room.

2. Emergency and disaster relief

Disasters such as earthquakes and floods are often incidental to the homelessness of the victims, which makes it difficult for them to be cured physically and mentally. At the same time, they may also cause potential disasters and infectious diseases. Therefore, in some areas where conditions permit, the use of residential containers to quickly build temporary housing sites as a transition for post-disaster reconstruction is actually a better choice than traditional tents.

3. Field exploration

Many field explorers and investigators sometimes need to collect specimens and carry out experiments in the field for a long time. If only relying on tents can not meet the needs of life, living containers, especially in some desolate wild areas, it is difficult to resist wild animals and all kinds of poisonous insects. At this time, the role of the living container becomes very prominent, and the field work field has become another application field of the container mobile room that is worthy of trust.

ship container architecture


Container House Size
Size External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Weight
Length Width Height Length Width Height
8'X8' 2435mm 2435mm 2896mm 2235mm 2235mm 2625mm 950kg
10'X8' 3025mm 2435mm 2896mm 2825mm 2235mm 2625mm 1150kg
16*X8' 4885mm 2435mm 2896mm 4685mm 2235mm 2625mm 1350kg
20 ’X8‘ (Standard Model) 6055mm 2435mm 2896mm 5855mm 2235mm 2625mm 1800kg
24'X8 7200mm 2435mm 2896mm 7000mm 2235mm 2625mm 2300kg
30X8 9000mm 2435mm 2896mm 8800mm 2235mm 2625mm 2450kg
20'XI0' 6055mm 3000mm 2896mm 5855mm 2800mm 2625mm 2380kg
Remark: Also available external height of 3300mm individual packing height:648mm.


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