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High Rib Aluminum Standing Seam Metal Cladding

Al-Mg-Mn alloy sheets is Aluminum Magnesium Manganese cladding, the surface coating is regularly use PVDF, with excellent corrosion resistance and color retention. MOQ:500M² / Color&Size
  • YX65-300/400/430/500

Aluminum facade standing seam roofing panel properties

1.Light weight: aluminum density 2.73g/m3,
2.High strength: through melting and heat treatment method can achieve very high strength,even the construction of large aircraft structures.
3.Corrosion resistance: outdoor aluminum is durable and reliable construction materials,it has a self-rust function of the surface in the natural environment can form a thin layer of dense oxide layer,to prevent continue in the air oxidation of metal corrosion,but also has a variety of acid corrosion resistance ability.
4.Surface finish and elegant appearance: can be anodized,electrophoresis,chemical processing,polishing,paint handling.
5.Good plasticity, and easy to process.
6.Good conductivity: non-magnetization and low electric spark sensitivity,can avoid electromagnetic interference and reduce the flammability under special circumstances.
7.Recyclable: high value of aluminum recycling,the cost of long-term use of more economical,in the conservation of natural resources has played a positive role.100% could be recycled.

Standing seam roof sheet installation types

☆ Type 01:

Standard roofing panel system

☆ Type 02:

large span roofing sheet system

☆ Type 03:

multi funtion roofing plate system

Metal sheet decoration material applications

Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets roofing system has been widely used and fully proved,which is the ideal choice for different kinds of housing,comercial buildings,and public buildings.All the roofing must be considered for the weathertight function,and this system can be totally solve this problem.

Standing seam ceiling sheets specifications

Model NO. :

YX 65-300/400/430/500

Rib height  :

65 mm

Rib distance  :


Modular width  :

300/400/430/500 mm

Available thickness :

0.30 - 0.75 mm for steel sheets;

0.50 - 1.20 mm for aluminum sheets and Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets

Available length :

20FT container:  ≤ 5.95m
40FT container: ≤ 11.95m

Available material :

PPGI/ PPGL/ Aluminum sheets/ Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets

Surface treatment :

Original pre-painted color

Coating type :

PE, PVDF, HDP, SMP, etc.

PVDF surface coating standing seam sheets renderings

aluminum panels for large span roof system

metal panels for large span roofing system

durable roof panels

easy install of metal roofing sheet

Packing & Delivery:

☆ Packing:

Seaworthy packing standards:

Premium packing:

Packed with steel box,in order to protect the panels in good status before installation.

☆ Delivery:

Delivery time for regular colors,coating types and thickness: 7-10 days ;

Delivery time for special colors,coating types and thickness: 15-25 day;

Delivery term: FOB/CIF/CFR/DDP is available;

We can find good forwarder for customer or accept appointed forwarder from customers.


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