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High-strength C100 Purlin Steel Frames for Steel Shed

High-strength 100 mm C purlin, refab Houses Material Galvanized Steel C Section Frames Roof Purlins,It is used widely as purlin and wall beam on steel structure construction.Also it can be combined into a light weight roof truss,brackets,etc.In machinery light manufacturing,C purlin can also be made into Column,beam or arm limb,etc.
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  • C80-350
  • Yumi steel
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High-strength C100 Purlin

1. Product description:

sections are accurately cold rolled and formed by machine from high-strength zinc coating GI steel strips,which is also called GI Cee purlins,this kind of products is to provide an efficient,lightweight,economical roofing and cladding support system for framed structures,like steel roof system,shed roof.Galvanized C purlins or girts size is from C80-C350,which is supplied ready(Our regular size) for customers choices.If any customized size of steel C purlins are needed,please offer us the drawing of the special size,so we could check whether we could adjust our equipment to make same size for your project.

2. Model C100 product introduction:

C100 is one kind of C steel purlins,we have size chart as follows.Other metal C purlins size,we also have C80 C120 C140 C150 C160 C180 C200 C220 C250 C260 C280 C300 C350.Here is various size of Cee purlins for you to choose the suitable one for your project.

Product name

Size details


Punching Holes





C purlin





Could be punched,as per customer's requirement

C purlin





3.  Product applications:

C steel sections may be used in single spans and unlapped continuous spans in different kinds of buildings,such as steel factory,warehouses,lightweight villas,etc.Cee purlins are ideal as eave purlins(roof framing) or where compact sections are required for detailing.C steel frames cannot be lapped.

4. Packing:

Galvanized C purlins are usually packed and delivered in strapped bundles.The actual quantity in each bundle will be different,because of different section sizes,order quantity and purlin length.Any special request on packing or loading,please put forward,when sending us inquiry,then we will consider the cost in price for you.

For purlin section accessories,they often will be delivered in strapped or wired bundles,bags,cartoons,or packages as they could be appropriated in containers.

The following packing and loading picture is for your reference.We will offer every customer with product loading and packing photos as per order,to show that all the products are under well packed and loaded.

5. Storage at site

This storage note is for the Cee steel frames are not for immediate use.If steel purlins are not required for immediate use,steel sections should be neatly stacked off the ground and on a slight slope,so that water could be drained away.All the C&Z purlins and related accessories should not be left exposed in the open for extended periods,in order to keep all the purlins are in good quality status.

6. Ordering

Regarding order,please kindly check the following contact details,thank you.

1)For contact,please feel free to send by mail or add WhatsApp,in this way,you could save money for International long-distance charges,and we will get back to you soon.

Company name:Xiamen Yumi Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd.

Contact person:Alina,Becky



%1- mail: admin@yumisteel.com or manager@yumisteel.com

%1) About the inquiry,please indicate the following details:


Inquiry specs

Specs range


Purlin size






Purlin length(m)


Zinc coating(g/m²)



Steel standards requirement



Purlin order QTY

1000 meters or 15 tons

Xiamen Yumi Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. will always using the rich experience and professional service to support your project and business,warmly welcome your inquiry.Thank you.

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