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Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal standing seam roofing system——Architecture changes life

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Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal standing seam roofing system——Architecture changes life

People often say that technology changes life and creates the future. With the development of technology, people are increasingly pursuing the ultimate architecture, which requires us to work harder on technology and equipment.

Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets is also called aluminum standing seam roofing sheets.Here we will offer you some instroduction.

Machine introduction:

Our company has YX65-400 series, straight and size head CNC forming machine. This unit is one of the important assembly line equipment in the metal sheet rolling machinery industry. The whole unit can be placed in the container and the equipment is equipped to meet the needs of on-site rolling processing to form a complete on-site processing system. The unit can produce two kinds of width straight plates for the whole machine, which can realize one machine multi-function, convenient operation and reliable performance.

Model type introduction:

The roofing system is a very important part of the building. It has strict design requirements and must have functions such as safety and durability, rain and wind resistance, thermal insulation, noise reduction, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. In order to meet the requirements of building roofing, aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roofing panels mainly have the following plate types in engineering applications.

1) Straight;

2) Curved arc plate (the curved plate includes a positive arc plate and a reverse arc plate);

3) Sector plate (sector plate includes straight sector plate, positive sector plate, anti-fan plate);

4) The straight plate is used on the hyperboloid, the curvature of the roof is small, and multiple ridges are allowed on the roof.

Product application:

The Al-Mg-Mn alloy roofing system is ideal for complex, large-scale industrial, commercial and civil buildings with complex and variable roofing, waterproof, energy-saving, aesthetically pleasing, and durable, and can be produced on-site. The system is also equipped with fixed seats, node standard parts and matching decoration, snow blocking and fall protection systems, so its application is widely used in sports venues, convention centers, theaters and museums, airports, railway stations, subway stations and other cultures and transportation. Facilities and roofs of buildings such as commercial buildings and residential buildings.

As a new type of building roofing enclosure system, the aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roofing system has reached a new level in energy saving, aesthetics, durability and styling, and can be flexibly and flexibly adapted to any building layout and geometry shape and size. The system is now becoming more widely used.

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