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  • Why the Flat pack container house is tailor-made for temporary construction sites?
    Flat packed type: The roof and floor part, we have already prefabricated in our workshop, so you don't need to assemble again. When it comes to construction sites, many people's minds are dilapidated, thin and short prefabs. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the flat pack container house has gradually entered the public's field of vision, and once it was launched into the market, it has been widely concerned and welcomed by people in the relevant industry. Many people who don't know much are wondering, what is it? Why is it so popular in the market? What are the advantages?
  • Development and application of prefabricated container building
    About Container Architecture Container is a kind of transportation equipment, it has the characteristics of standardization, which has great significance to the transportation industry.In the construction industry, keen designers have noticed that it is easy to transport and unload, rugged, easy mate
  • How much does it cost to build a foundation for a container home?
    Is there a kind of building construction time-saving time and effort, green and environmental protection?Is there a living space, both safe and comfortable, and full of creative space?Container building gives people the answer.
  • To be a poetic person with living in modular container house
    "Becoming a poetic person in life" has inspired people to keep thinking about self-living space.Another classic expression of —— "poetic habitation" proposed by the German philosopher Heidegger on the concept of human space, and the rich and complex humanized survival needs are more suitable for the
  • Is light steel Villa worth to build?
    About light steel villa:Light steel villa, the main material is by hot dip galvanized steel strip after cold rolling technology synthesis of light steel keel, compared with brick and steel mix room, the gap between light steel has a great advantage.The advantages of light steel villa
  • Why steel structure buildings are more popular now?
    Steel structure buildings are more popularDesigners and construction team are prefer steel structure buildings these days. You may wondering why. You often heard rumor says steel construction are not as steady like other reinforced concrete structures. Because of the traditional is heavier and more
  • Steel decking Pros and Cons
    As the technology innovated in these years floor decking and truss girder decking sheet is the emerging technology for the construction industry. How effective does decking sheet compare with traditional reinforced concrete structure? Might be the question of lots of construction companies. Here we analysed some advantages and disadvantages of decking sheets.
  • Different construction use different specifications metal steel sheet
    1. Large-scale public buildings such as stadiums, stations, exhibition halls: use galvanized sheets with coatings of 150g/m2 or more, galvanized sheets with coatings of 275g/m2 or more, aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy sheets; coatings use fluorocarbon (PVDF) or high Weather resistance (HDP), the
  • Quickly Know Corrugated Color Roofing Sheet Feature
    Product Characteristic 1. Outlook Beautiful and novel, rich colors, flexible combination, can be used in different building to express special original architectural styles in life.2. Surface have been treated as galvanized and color coated. So it can anti-rain, anti- fire, anti-quake, So it has a l
  • What is Z purlins
    Z-shaped steel is a common cold-formed thin-walled steel with a thickness between 1.6-3.0mm and a cross-section height between 120-350mm. The processing material is hot rolled (painted) and galvanized. Section steel is usually used in large steel structure workshops. The processing length and hole a
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