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What is Z purlins

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Z-shaped steel is a common cold-formed thin-walled steel with a thickness between 1.6-3.0mm and a cross-section height between 120-350mm. The processing material is hot rolled (painted) and galvanized. Section steel is usually used in large steel structure workshops. The processing length and hole are produced according to processing requirements.

Supporting products: color steel roof ; rock wool sandwich panel ; floor deck, etc. 

The main purpose of Z steel

 Cold-formed Z-shaped steel has the advantages of adjustable size and high compressive strength. It is widely used in automobiles, railway vehicles, building doors and windows, transportation, shelves, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, building steel structures, containers, steel form work and scaffolding, solar energy Support shipbuilding, bridges, transmission towers, steel sheet piles, cable trays, agricultural machinery, furniture, storage, guide rails, keel steel, vegetable greenhouses, pipeline supports, municipal construction and other fields. 


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