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Development and application of prefabricated container building

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About Container Architecture

Container is a kind of transportation equipment, it has the characteristics of standardization, which has great significance to the transportation industry.

In the construction industry, keen designers have noticed that it is easy to transport and unload, rugged, easy materials, low cost and other properties, container housing, both in practicality and appearance creativity are amazing.

With the rapid development of society in these years, people's life is getting better and better, and they also have more and more ideas for living. 

For example, now some rural people build their own houses, no red bricks and cement, and do not hire construction workers, but 3 days can build a 200 ㎡ villa! It's so smart!

This kind of villa name is called container villa, is to use some "containers" to build a house, such a villa can completely meet you any design and decoration, a few rooms several halls can be left to you control.

Building speed is absolutely the fastest, as long as there are well designed drawings, directly according to build with the drawings .A 200 ㎡ villa can be built in 3 days at most, the speed is very fast!

It will take at the fastest need several months to build a villa with the traditional cement red brick,labor and time costs are very large.

There is no such problem in container building villas, eliminating the cost of labor and time costs.

container tiny home for vacation

Container Hotels & Apartments 

container house for hotol

This container house designed by Yumi Steel. It is combined with 5* 20ft containers.We decorated the wall with corrugated color sheet to make the container home more better looks in design.

Night market with containers house


Container Restaurant/Coffee Shop

fashion container house

This is a beautiful modular container house,can be living,store,restaurant or hotel near by sea.

The superposition of multi-layer structure is the main means to solve the functional complex.The cold steel building materials and other overlapping in which you will find the warmth contained in the steel.

The simple and simple beauty of these modules, and the endless combination of possibilities of building blocks, give container buildings an inherent appeal.

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