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To be a poetic person with living in modular container house

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"Becoming a poetic person in life" has inspired people to keep thinking about self-living space.

Another classic expression of —— "poetic habitation" proposed by the German philosopher Heidegger on the concept of human space, 

and the rich and complex humanized survival needs are more suitable for the form of human container housing.

container house for hotol

Domdomain of openness and freedom

Container house building is a new field, but also the youngest branch of the building structure, with many advantages of "environmental protection and low carbon, 

short construction cycle, durable, flexible" and other, and gradually become a fashionable symbol and creative lifestyle.

Whether it is tourist buildings, temporary buildings, public buildings, family residence, activities or any form between the above building types, container building can be versatile, people can easily like them, because it in addition to the above advantages, and has a special art form at the same time, so it itself is a beautiful scenery.

Combination of multiple containers space

case shared:

container tiny home for vacation

This container house designed by Yumi Steel.It is combined with six 20ft containers.We decorated the wall with corrugated color sheet to make the container hone more better looks in design.

fashion container house

This is a beautiful modular container house,can be living,store,restaurant or hotel near by sea.

Container are very adaptable, whether forest, desert, seaside, and can minimize the impact on the environment.

This low-key new building is not only low-carbon and environmentally friendly, but also exudes a unique artistic atmosphere.

Just pass by it, you will be deeply fascinated by it !

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