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Why choose sandwich panels?

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Many people don't understand why I should choose sandwich panels not just single sheets of metal claddings?Here we will have some reasons for you.Actually in the last few decades, sandwich panels have proved to be a revolutionary solution in the construction industry.

01,Installation time:

Buy steel sandwich panels

Let's compare the construction time of ordinary civil engineering and sandwich panel steel structure construction.

If we choose ordinary civil engineering structure,we have to do the following works: wall construction, thermal insulation installation,external layer installation and internal decoration.It will at least cost several months to finish all the work.

But if you choose sandwich panel steel structure construction,metal sandwich panels are finished components,you can save time for thermal insulation installation,external layer installation and internal decoration.


Metal sandwich panel manufacturer

Sandwich panels with different core materials and different surface sheet thickness,the function can be different and meet up various buildings requirement.

EPS sandwich panels:

Light weight and cheap price is the main feature of EPS insulated panels.EPS lies between the mineral wool and the polyurethane in terms of thermal insulation properties; however it is inferior to mineral wool in its reaction to fire.

If you don't have stringent requirements for fire resistance or thermal insulation,EPS insulation panels can be used for your project.

Rockwool sandwich panels:

Fire resistance and soundproofing efficiency is what mineral wool sandwich panels can bring to you.When you have this two requirements,you can choose this type.

 PU sandwich panels:

Polyurethane insulated material is the best and most commonly used thermal insulation material in this market.This simplifies installation significantly, because no special tools or equipment are required on the project site.So if you have a project that require high thermal insulation performance,then PU panels is the best choice.

For common civil engineering buildings,the wall can also reach some of the function,but it will need different kinds of material to reach this,but sandwich panels can only used three layers material and reach the requirement.


Colorful sandwich panels price

When you need different colors or with elegant grains on buildings' appearance,sandwich panels can directly with this effects.  

When you have any doubt on your buildings,Yumisteel will do our best to support your work.

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