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Charity fundraising

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Charity fundraising

On August 23, 2019, the leaders of Yumisteel headquarters participated in the charity fund-raising activities of the “affected disaster area”,which was held in Xingfu Town,to help the affected people affected by the typhoon “Likima” to overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes. In this donation activity, our company donated RMB 200,000 to the people in the disaster area and practiced social responsibility with practical actions.


Facing the disaster, our company did internal protection and external assistance. In terms of internal protection, we actively took precautions and protection measures to put product quality and safety first, and provided assistance to the disaster-stricken areas and participate in charitable donations to help the affected people get out of the haze.


 On August 10, all the staff members were prepared to defend against typhoon protection throughout the plant;


 On August 11, employees made great efforts to protect the property of the company in the fight against floods and rescues the company's property;


 On August 13, the post-disaster arrangement was carried out to continue normal production and living;


 On August 17, our company sent mineral water, ham, instant noodles and other foods to the affected people in Hubin Town;

  On August 23,our company took part in charity fundraising activity.

Yumisteel-Charity-fundraising-02                                                                                                Yumisteel-Charity-fundraising-05

Prepare for prevention before the typhoon comes                                                                        Self-reinforced reinforcement levees for employees in typhoon

Yumisteel-Charity-fundraising-04                                                                                                Yumisteel-Charity-fundraising-03

Send disaster relief materials to the resettlement sites                                                                  Carrying supplies for the affected people

of the affected people in Hubin Town

The typhoon is ruthless, but there is love on earth.Yumisteel hope that more loving entrepreneurs who have the courage to shoulder social responsibilities will lend a helping hand, dedicate a love, and work together with the affected people. They will participate more actively in the post-disaster reconstruction and play the role of the vanguard in the economic field and promote the lofty Virtue, let love pass!

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