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Container building for school

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Thecontainer campus installation consists of 12 containers. The theme is to design potential models for future schools, and the possibility of prefabrication and modularization in the field of educational buildings. There are five installations in the exhibition, all using standard container modules.

Each area is in the shape of an interlocking "X" and is located on an 18x18m field. The "X" shape creates squares of different sizes and moods. No matter where you start from, the whole structure is open. This idea has an impact on the vision for the future, in which the school transcends the wall and becomes an open interactive space. In a world where education has become a lifelong journey, it is no longer limited to specific ages, locations or linear teaching plans. Schools’ concepts should also be changed to be more flexible, improvised and collaborative. "This is the beginning of an ideological infrastructure that can be further expanded and inserted into existing cities.

The school should be considered an intelligent, evolving space that encourages interaction, contains the unpredictability of the skills that will be required in the future, and thrives in continuous adaptation and change. All principles are embedded in the device as a small demonstration. Preview; the four small squares generated by the juxtaposition of the "X" shape in the square position, on both sides are the facades that resemble an open book page, used to display parties, private spaces, internal and external space entertainment to add texture and color principles. This is achieved by distinguishing the size and importance of the square and adding interesting elements that support each function. The gathering plaza is equipped with "walking stairs", and the private plaza is more closed. One entry and one exit are realized through a small porch, which extends to a more open space, adding texture to the sports plaza. The building itself showcases spacious open spaces and semi-open corridors, showcases some tested school projects, and further clarifies all the ways in which schools will become "smart" schools in the future. This school is not meant to use regular classrooms as a measurement standard and designated learning locations. Instead, it provides a complete learning environment that can spread to corridors, stairs, courtyards, and even entire cities.

shipping container house container building house
container house for school container house drawing
flat container house container house inside view

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