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Envelope materials of clean room

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According to the current standard clean workshop design must be carried out relevant policies and regulations of the country, to advanced technology, reasonable economy, safety, ensure the quality, accord with the requirement of energy conservation and environmental protection, in order to meet different process requirements, our company offers a variety of clean room retaining structure is special materials, applicable to the pharmaceutical factory to different process requirements.

The following is a brief introduction of the main materials of clean room envelope provided by our company:

1. Clean room wallboard/roof system:

The design specification of clean workshop for pharmaceutical industry clearly stipulates: the partition materials of clean workshop for pharmaceutical industry shall meet the requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention and moisture-proof;

The inner surface should be smooth, no cracks, strict interface, no particulate matter falling off, resistant to cleaning and disinfection;

When metope and ceiling use coating surface layer, use corrosion-resistant, cleaning-resistant, surface smooth and mildew resistant material.


In the process of factory processing, the roof can be reserved for efficient air outlets, installation holes of lamps and lanterns, and embedded with reinforcing bars.

It avoids a series of problems, such as easy deformation, poor burr treatment, low quality of opening, much waste, poor environmental sanitation and so on.

The plate can be embedded with wire pipes to facilitate the installation of various pipelines, equipped with flexible multi-choice of components to meet various needs.

In terms of details, all sides are sealed to avoid leakage of sandwich materials and pollution of the clean room, and the firm and tight structure prevents air leakage.

All the plates use aluminum connectors, keel, etc. Are supporting the mold opening, in addition to a variety of decorative style can meet different customer needs, to ensure the use of the same time, without losing the beauty, to achieve the real sense of high-quality works;


2. Clean aluminum frame door:

Clean aluminum frame door is suitable for cleaning workshop, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, etc.

Our company custom-designed and developed a special clean door for the clean room, matching with the clean room wall board, flush installation, the overall performance of the product is good, with beautiful appearance, smooth, high strength, corrosion resistance, no ash accumulation, no dust, easy to clean and other advantages, and easy to install, fast.

The window on the door has a variety of forms optional, the door fittings also has different style to choose, the width of the door frame can be adjusted according to the demand of customer craft different, tight structure form avoids air to leak, assure sealability.


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