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Fire Resistance of Polyurethane Insulation Sandwich Panel

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        High-density polyurethane insulation sandwich panel is a commonly used insulation material, which is common in building interior and exterior wall insulation projects. High-density polyurethane insulation board is also a fireproof board. How does high-density polyurethane insulation board play its fireproof performance?


       We first look at the raw materials for production. The manufacturer uses polyurethane foam and flame retardant as the main raw materials to make high-density polyurethane insulation board. The flame retardant is a kind of non-flammable self-extinguishing material, which will not easily burn when it encounters fire. Its softening point can reach above 250 ° C, that is, it will decompose when it encounters a higher temperature, thus avoiding the decomposition of it when it encounters a slightly higher temperature.


       When the polyurethane sheet is burned, the surface of the foam will form carbon deposits. This layer of carbon will not only burn, but also isolate the flame and the underlying polyurethane foam, so that the flame will lose fuel, thus preventing the fire from spreading. At the same time, the high-density polyurethane insulation board does not generate harmful gases at high temperatures, and it is a safety insulation board. The building insulation and fire protection project can also be used with confidence.


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