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HSW new metal downspout forming machine

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HSW new metal downspout forming machine

In order to improve products structure,improve product diversity,and build a one-stop service platform for steel building structure.In 2016,Yumi steel company introduced a new HSW downpipe forming machine.The new downpipe can replace the traditional PVC pipe and be used in the construction of steel structures to achieve a more coordinated and unified building.This device is currently installed and commissioned for 3 years.


The new steel downspout produced by the equipment,it usually adopts 0.40-0.70mm thick color steel sheets and is rolled by upper and lower rolls.The elbow used in difficult corners or other difficult to handle occasions is bent by a uniform type and specification.The elbow can be in different angles,and can easily connected with the straight downspout.The HSW metal downspout elbow forming machine is made according to the principle that the three sides of the pipe are first punched into a concave shape in the mold and then folded along the concave shape.As long as a special tool is used to insert the water pipe to be processed into the mold and pushed into place, the machine automatically starts to bend the downspout and send it out. When the machining is completed, it is only necessary to remove the workpiece from the mold. Through the debugging, elbows with different bending angles can be produced.


While doing a good job in sandwich panels, purification boards, steel structures and other main products,Yumi steel company is also actively doing product support and service work, and strive to build a one-stop service platform for steel building materials, so that customers can buy with confidence. , with a comfortable heart.

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