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Help you to select floor deck steel sheet

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How to choose according to the shape characteristics?

Floor support plates are mainly divided into open floor support plates, closed floor support plates, and constricted floor support plates. No matter what type of floor support plate, the higher the utilization rate, the cheaper the cost, utilization rate = effective width / raw material feed width, but there are several special types of board: YX75-230-690, YX51-305- 915, YXB65-185-555, the raw material feed width of these types of board types is not the market-wide width of 1000mm or 1250mm, and it needs to be processed after slitting. It can also be customized from the steel mill in advance.

However, from an aesthetic point of view, the closed-end floor slab is the most perfect. After the construction is completed, the bottom of the slab is flat and the web is fitted. The gap is about 3-5mm. If you don’t make a ceiling, you can directly spray paint to make an enterprise. Mouth-shaped ceiling (like aluminum gusset), it can also be coated with water-based paint after putting on putty to make a flat ceiling, or it can be directly attached to wall cloth or wallpaper to decorate a colorful ceiling;


If the ceiling is used, there is no need to punch holes or fix it with expansion screws, and directly hang it on the 3-5mm web joint with two special pendants and fix it directly. Shrink-type floor bearing plates are the second. The above are the advantages of various board types. Depending on the owner or engineering requirements, the choice of board type will be considered from an aesthetic point of view or an economic point of view.

How to choose the wave height of the plate type?

It depends on the thickness of the entire floor to consider whether to use the 75 wave high series or the 51 wave high series. There are 40 series, 46 series, 60 series, and 65 wave high series in the closed mouth.

Generally speaking, the lower the wave height, the lower the bearing capacity, and then the greater the peak spacing, the smaller the bearing capacity, if the whole floor thickness is within 10 cm, it is best to choose the wave height 40 series, the whole floor thickness is 10-13 Within a centimeter, it is best to choose a 50 wave high series, and above 13 centimeters, it is best to choose a 75 series.

Some people ask, why? In fact, there is a requirement in the "China Reinforced Concrete Building Code", the concrete protection layer above the reinforcement should not be less than 2.5cm, that is to say the wave height of the floor slab itself + the thickness of the reinforcement mesh (generally 2cm) + 2.5cm protection layer ≤ The thickness of the floor.

How to choose the thickness of the floor slab?

The choice of the thickness of the floor slab. The thickness of the floor slab is mainly based on the thickness of the floor slab and the spacing of the steel structure secondary beams. This calculation is very technical! He is calculated according to the section modulus and section moment of inertia of the floor slab.


The products are widely used in power plants, power equipment companies, automobile exhibition halls, steel structure workshops, cement warehouses, steel structure offices, airport terminals, train stations, stadiums, concert halls, grand theaters, large supermarkets, logistics centers, Olympic stadium sports Stadiums and other steel structures.

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