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How to identify the quality of rockwool sandwich panel

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Usually when we buy building materials,

One issue that must be considered is:

How about the quality?

Rock wool sandwich panel is a kind of sandwich panel made of rock wool core material. Its unique performance makes it have significant effects in fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation, sound insulation and other aspects.

rock wool sandwich panel 2

So how do we prepare to identify the quality of the sandwich panel without getting lost in the market?

The first is to see if the color of the rock wool core material is uniform and whether the yellow-white separation is serious; the second is to see if the glue is agglomerated; and the last is the slag content, to see if there is large slag. The good rock wool core material has fine silk, yellow color, even glue distribution, no large amount of slag, and the whole is relatively smooth, without damage and stains that hinder the use.

rock wool sandwich panel 4

The combustion performance of the inner core of the rock wool board is non-combustible, the hygroscopicity is 3.9%, the thermal load shrinkage temperature is 643°, and the organic matter content is 2.9%.

rock wool sandwich panel 3

Material: color steel plate, rock wool

   Rock wool sandwich panel density: rock wool 100 (kg/m³)

   Thermal conductivity: 0.04 (W/m.k)

   Working temperature of rock wool board: 80 (℃)

   Specifications: 950, 1150 (mm)

The bulk density of rock wool is generally 80~130kg/m³. Based on the cost and different requirements, 80kg is generally used, but the rock wool above 100kg is very waterproof and fireproof.

The focus of the sandwich panel is on the inner core,

Only to ensure the high quality of rock wool,

The board will also have quality assurance

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