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How to install 20FT flat pack container house?

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How to install 20FT flat pack container house?

1.20FT container instruction:

20FT container house is very famous in the modular house market,because of its high efficience, convenience and toughness.Yumi 20FT container house can be shipped by flat packed status and easily delivered wherever you need them. Within 2 hours,you can have a house to live,or an office to work.

Our container house can be used as temporary or permanent storage,living,working,etc.When you need to move to another place,you can also move them easily by a crane and truck. 

2.20FT container installation:

 Step 01:

Flat containers stack arrived at site;

 Step 02:

Use crane or forklift to get one set to the group;

 Step 03:

Install the frames first;

 Step 04:

Install the roof and wall material;

 Step 05:

Accommodation inside.

A video to show you more details,please check as follows:

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