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Insulated freezer panels

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Freezer insulation panels

Freezer insulation panels,are also called cold storage PU sandwich panels.With a fixed length, width and thickness, high and medium temperature cold storage generally use 10 cm thick plate, low temperature storage and frozen library generally use 12 cm or 15 cm thick plate; so if it is not a predetermined library plate, purchase should pay attention The density of the board and the thickness of the steel plate, the thickness of the normal manufacturer's plate is generally more than 0.4MM, the foam density of the cold storehouse board is in accordance with the national standard is 38KG ~ 40KG/M³.

Product application:

Preservation, cold storage, freezer, and air conditioning room,etc.

Product specs:

Panel name

Cold room panel

Effective width


Steel sheet thickness:



White grey,crimson,sea blue,iron grey,etc.

Coating type:


Panel thickness:


Core material:


Heat conductivity coefficient:


Property description:

1) Waffle blade design,which improves insulating air tightness on connection position;

2) Even and stable panel,good heat insulation and excellent waterproof property;

3) Lightweight,grace looking and could solve cold storage industry temperature difference;

4) Under certain modulus,cold room could be changed freely at length,width and height three directions,which could be enlarged or reduced,which makes assembled panel separate,then installed in other place.Easy installation.

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