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New product arrival——Al-Mg-Mn Polyurethane Hiden Screws Wall Panel

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In September 4, 2018,our polyurethane wall sandwich panels got new member join in our extended family,which is named Polyurethane wall sandwich panels with AL-MG-MN alloy metal sheets.It is was successfully developed and finished mass-production today.

Compared with other sandwich panels, the biggest difference is that the surface is made of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy metal sheets.

So whats the advantages of using AL-MG-MN alloy metal sheets?

Originally aluminum magnesium manganese metal sheet is very special,which can be made into wall panels or roof panels.

· High strength:Through processing and heat treatment methods,this material could achieve high strength;

· Corrosion resistance:self-rust prevention ability, can prevent metal oxidation and corrosion, acid and alkali resistance;

·  The surface treatment is diverse and beautiful;

·  Good electrical conductivity. Non-magnetization and low spark sensitivity;

·  Easy to install: aluminum metal can be riveted and connected in many ways;

·  Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable;

·  The outer plate of aluminum magnesium manganese can greatly improve the service life of wall panels and roof panels, and solve the problem of easy rusting of ordinary roof panels.

Although the aluminum-magnesium-manganese polyurethane edge-sealing rock wool dark nail wall panel has strong advantages, the production process is very complicated.Due to the special material of the aluminum-magnesium manganese wall panel. The temperature at the time of production is very difficult to grasp, and a slight inattention will cause the deformation of the board surface, which may result in the destruction of the entire wall panel. Therefore, the craftsmanship of the craftsmen is very tested.

Building,change life,and we did this.More details of products for your reference.

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