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Prefabricated house for residential apartments

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The modular partition of the house should be adapted to the modulus (the truss are 7.2 meters long), so the plate size is 1.2 times 2.4 (length times height) to reduce construction costs. But the rapid construction process also has its benefits, leaving room for free play and opportunities for change. In the course of the project, all the participants gathered several times for meetings and gradually developed a sense of belonging. As the project progressed, the team decided to use Radiata pine wood as a sub-structure building material and interior decoration to create a comfortable interior space. The living space is divided into multiple blocks to establish a better connection with the outside world. The different bodies provide space for plant growth, and will form a different kind of scenery. This house is still small in scale and may be expanded in the future, and this project also leaves room for it. The cross relationship between the truss members and the wooden structure members determines the shape of the house. Overall, this is a comfortable cabin, and there are many possibilities in the future.







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