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Roof insulation sandwich panel for solar photovoltaic system

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Roof insulation sandwich panel for solar photovoltaic system

1.Panel type instruction:


The roofing panel for photovoltaic system is made of high-quality brand steel sheets for the surface,and it's continuously cold-formed and profiled.This new heat-insulating and flame-retardant material is made of D-BASF material and it is a multifunctional roofing product integrating heat preservation,energy saving and solar energy utilization.The roof rib can be directly connected with the clamp,without penetrating the roof structure.It is suitable for industrial buildings with a roof inclination of 3%.The self-cleaning high-grade panel reduces the amount of dust on the roof and keeps the building roof for a long time.Self-cleaning performance provides a systematic solution for the use of roofing solar energy.

Effective coverage :

1000 mm

Rib height :

37 mm (± 3 mm)

Rib spacing :

333 mm

Rib quantity :


Insulation available thickness :

30 ~ 150 mm

Insulation material :

PUR (Polyurethane), PIR (Polyisocyanurate);
PUR sealing rockwool;PUR sealing glass wool;
PIR sealing rockwool;PIR sealing glass wool;

Density for PUR/ PIR :

38 ~ 42 KG/M³

Density for rock wool :

110 ~ 150 KG/M³

Density for glass wool :

48 ~ 64 KG/M³

Surface sheets :

Steel sheets with color (material: galvanized, galvalume, G550 high strength)
color aluminum sheets, aluminum magnesium manganese
sheets, stainless steel sheets, nano coated sheets.

Panel length :

Up to transportable length

2.Panel features:

☆ Compared with ordinary corrugated metal roofing,this roof sandwich panel improves energy and heat insulation performance of roof system.And it can perfectly attach to solar panels,which creates one green roof.


☆ Because this roof panel has 4 ribs,it improves the load carrying capacity of the roofing system and can meet the needs of photovoltaic maintenance bearings.


☆ It’s around 8cm distance between the photovoltaic panel and the roof panel,this is to ensure the ventilation of the photovoltaic cell.In this way, it can solve the problem of cooling of the photovoltaic cell, and improve the photoelectric conversion rate.

☆ The core materials such as polyurethane and rock wool are effectively flame retardant, and the burning grade reaches B1 and A1 standards, which improves the fire performance of the building.


☆ With clamps to connect the roof panels and solar panels,which avoid to broken the roof panels and roof system leakage.


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