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The green mountains of Chile, the Chinese elements of Chile

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The green mountains of Chile, the Chinese elements of Chile!

On May 27th,2019,polyurethane sealing rock wool four-wave corrugated roof sound-absorbing panel was successfully trial-produced in Yumi steel company energy-saving panel workshop.

Steel sheet performance advantages:

☆The external steel sheet of sandwich panel is made of Guanzhou RAL9001 SMP coated PPGL steel sheet.With a thickness of 0.75mm,it has excellent resistance to pollution and weathering and could reach environmental exposure as Class C4,and has excellent self-cleaning, light preservation, color retention and many other functions.The corrosion resistance can last up to 15-20 years.

☆The internal steel sheet of insulated panel is made of Guanzhou RAL9006 PE coated PPGL steel sheet.The surface is evenly distributed with sound-absorbing holes, which can effectively absorb sound and reduce noise.

☆This kind of steel panel has excellent leveling, decorative, mechanical and corrosion resistance.

Unlike the sound absorbing wall panel, the roof panel is more difficult to develop and has higher adhesive requirements. Due to the particularity of the sound absorbing panel, the panel and the core material are difficult to bond. The steel product purchasing department, the technical department and the production department have passed 48 hours and 30 tests, breaking through various technical problems and finding a special kind. The lining material, after the panel is lined with this special environmentally-friendly sound-insulating layer, produces a polyurethane-covered rockwool roofing sound absorbing panel with good adhesion and conforms to national standards, and the sound insulation amount reaches the sound insulation of sound absorption RW≥35. And issued an inspection report for the customer.

First shipment is 7500M² roof sandwich panel,and it was around 11 x 40HQ containers were shipped.

Yumi steel company continuously strengthens the construction of scientific research teams, sets up enterprise technology research and development centers, increase investment in scientific research, and strive to be the most competitive and socially responsible enterprise in the same industry, do products well, serve customers, and repay the society!

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