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What factors affect the price of polyurethane sandwich panels

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During daily telephone inquiry, many customers do not understand the product and their own needs,they only know that I want to buy polyurethane color steel sandwich panel,but what models,which kind of thickness,how about material,which kind of core material,they dont know also.If you don't know the material, how could we ask for a price.Generally we call this kind of inquiry as invalid information, but of course we will continue to communicate with customers and make customers know what the price of polyurethane sandwich panels is and how price will be,when different specs.

1. How much per square meter of PU steel sandwich panels? 

The color steel brand and thickness of polyurethane sandwich panels.We are working with Baosteel, Bluescope, Guanzhou, Yehui, Tianjin Xinyu, Hongji,etc.All are good brands. The thickness of the sheet is generally 0.4-0.6mm.And 0.50mm is commonly used. (Core material could be rock wool, glass wool and pure polyurethane,and surface sheets could be color steel or stainless steel or Al-Mg-Mn alloy metal sheets)

2.How much is a square of polyurethane color steel sandwich panels?It is determined by black and white materials.

Black and white materials are imported directly from Huntsman and BASF in Germany. Their black and white materials are of high quality, stable performance and global influence.

3.Price terms will also effect on price.

There are many kinds of polyurethane sandwich panel accounting prices, including tax and shipping charges, including tax and shipping, including freight and tax, or everything, so the price of PU steel sandwich panel has the difference between ex-factory price and delivery price.

Our polyurethane sandwich panel continuous production line project started construction in 2010 and was officially put into use in March 2011. Invested more than 40 million yuan from Italy to introduce the world's advanced six-component online automatic mixing and pouring technology and automatic continuous cotton system, which can complete the mixture ratio in one time, and can automatically adjust according to the temperature online to produce a unique High-strength, energy-saving, green, soundproof and fireproof materials. The automatic continuous cotton system comprehensively solves the breakage and continuity of the products produced by artificial continuous cotton, and improves the stability of the product.

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