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What functions of interlayer of floor bearing sheet

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The steel interlayer is a secondary construction carried out under the conditions permitted by the original building load standard. It is applicable under the conditions of paving, exhibition hall and other buildings. The choice of steel interlayer is the most important for steel structure, and the internal space is fully utilized. Steel structure mezzanine can have different practices for different construction companies. The original traditional building load decision steel structure mezzanine application study which way to build, the steel structure is light in weight, and the net weight will continue to increase after the floor deck is installed. When constructing the mezzanine, pay attention to the installation and selection of the floor deck. So what is the practice of steel sandwich floor slabs?

1. Steel cement fiberboard has a short construction period due to its low engineering cost, light weight.

2. The steel structure concrete component floor slab has a high safety factor, large load, no shaking, and good sound insulation and noise reduction effect, but its self-weight is extremely large, the construction management cycle of the project is relatively long, and the applicable scope is different. Dimensions of the building.

3. For floors made of large compressive strength, light steel floor, the floor is not easy to deform, the construction speed is faster and the cycle time is short, which can maximize the use of indoor space.

4. The load-bearing effect of the floor slab composed of thick steel plates is also very good. The construction technology of the project is convenient and fast, and it can load large machinery and equipment, and is suitable for buildings such as factory buildings and production and processing workshops.


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