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What is floor deck?

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What is floor deck?

☆ Concept:


Floor deck is also called metal deck,steel deck,structural decking,composite decking sheets.It's made by high strength galvanzied steel sheets and cold formed corrugated by related equipment.Floor decking sheets is used for supporting the floor or a roof,which is supported by steel joists or H beams.It is widely used in different floor systems such as multi-story steel structure slabs, reinforced concrete structural slabs,and reinforced concrete prefabricated building slabs.

At the same time, in the irregular floor (circular, elliptical, other shapes) structural building large span structure,descending plate structure,thick plate structure, slope roof,residential steel structure and other different buildings, many will also use reinforced concrete truss floor decking sheets.

With these information,let's know more details as follows.

☆ Features:

Floor decking sheets have the following characteristics:

1) Compared to traditional decks, this design is exceptionally resistant to compressive buckling resulting in superior span capability.Steel deck is green recycle construction material;

2) Easy to install and the construction period is not that longer like tradtional decks;

3)Since the construction period can be short,it can save a lot of labor cost;

4) Easy reinforcement,wiring,piping construction;

5) It has nice and neat appearance.

☆ Development History:


Floor decking sheets have three generations of development history:

The first stage is open type floor decking sheets.

The second stage is closed type metal decking sheets.

The third stage is truss steel deck sheet.

☆ Some model types:

Open type steel deck:


Closed type metal deck:


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